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The First Toddler Sleepover


We had the TX grands over for a sleepover this week while their parents were off celebrating their anniversary.  This was the first time that the youngest, who is 2 years old, would be staying overnight with us and I was a bit worried.  Oh, first a disclaimer.  The two older siblings aren’t really a unicorn and a giraffe.  Those were “crafts with Nana” that we had just worked on.  The toddler is the little, mischievous guy on the right.

When it was time for bed, the two older ones went off to my craft room where we have a bunk bed set up for them.  No problem.  I had set up Scooter’s bed in the guest room along with a baby monitor since his parents had told us that he would most likely keep the other two awake if put in the same room with them.

Scooter and “Papa”

Scooter went to bed and with just a little bit of crying, he went right to sleep.  Wow, that went well.  Fairly soon after, Papa and I headed off to bed since I was anticipating that I’d be awakened in the night by the littlest guy.  My son had told me, “He’ll probably wake up in the night.  If he doesn’t go back to sleep, we usually bring him into bed with us.”  So I slept quite fitfully, waking up often if I thought I heard a peep but surprisingly, it was going well.

Around 4:30 a.m., the monitor went off and we could hear Scooter crying for his mommy and daddy.  I stumbled out of bed and went into the guest room.  “Go back to sleep,” I crooned to him.  That wasn’t working.

I could hear him mumbling under his breath.  He seemed to be going through all the names of family, one by one.

“Scooter, do you want to crawl into bed with Nana?” I asked him.

“NO!” he replied and went back to mumbling with occasional cries.  Finally I offered, “Do you want to go sleep in Papa’s bed?”  That did the trick.  Yes, he did want to do that so we both walked back to the master bedroom and crawled into bed.  By the time he was in next to Papa, I had less than 2 feet of room on my side.  “Yikes”, I exclaimed as I tried to roll over and almost rolled off the bed.

Slowly I drifted off to sleep only to come awake with a start as I felt little fingers stroking my hair.  I gently told Scooter to go to sleep.

As I was drifting off again, I felt little fingers touching my lips.  I grabbed his hand, kissed the little fingers, and told him it was time for sleeping.

As I was drifting off the third time, I realized he had stuck his fingers in my nose.  Sigh!

Finally, I thought he had gone back to sleep.  Papa seemed to be sleeping.  Maybe I’d get some sleep after all.

“Ta dah, dah, dee dah.  Ta dah, dah, dee dah.  WAKE UP!”  he yelled.

Oh, man.  Why had I ever taught him that Army bugle call?

We got up. You don’t argue with the Army.

Potty Training AND a Newborn

I knew it was going to be tough to come out to the East Coast and help my daughter with her newborn, especially since she also has a toddler.  I’m not as young as I used to be and it takes a lot out of me to keep up with young-uns.  What I wasn’t anticipating was that I was going to step smack dab into the “potty-training battle.”  Oy!

Apparently most of little Sprout’s classmates have graduated on up to the next preschool class.  He is still in the 2-year-old class along with a bunch of other boys who are also NOT potty-trained.  They are the little delinquents of the school (biters and kickers) and Sprout’s mommy would like to get the Sprout out of that class and back with his little girlfriends, who are NOT biters and kickers.  They are huggers.  I could digress about this being a commentary on society in general but I shall stick to the subject at hand – potty training with a newborn in the house.

It’s stressful.  VERY stressful.  You’ve already got one big stressor with the newborn and when you add a toddler who isn’t particularly interested in potty training, you’ve got over-the-top stress.

Sprout’s mommy and I have been taking a gentler approach to his training, using lots of encouragement and incentives to get him motivated.  Yesterday his daddy decided to take the “manly” approach as in, “You ARE going to the potty and not wearing a diaper all weekend and you WILL be potty trained.”

Did I mention that there were a lot of accidents, a lot of tears (toddler and mommy) and a lot of frustration all around?  Time to go back to Plan A – the gentler approach.

Today, Sprout has used the potty several times and had success.  Then he’s gone through several cycles where he has NOT wanted to use the potty.

Naptime just rolled around and Sprout decided that he wanted to use the potty.  He insisted on crawling up on the big potty and sitting on a little insert.  I helped him out of his diaper and shorts and he got settled.

“Woah, Sprout, let’s move you so you’re sitting facing forward,” I urged.   (He was sitting sideways.)

Things were pointing outside the little shield so I showed him how to point his equipment down into the toilet.

Mommy came into the room and asked him how he was doing.  We all took a look.  It looked like he might be getting close.

“Hey, what is THIS?” Sprout said, pointing to himself.

“That’s your penis,” his mommy told him.  “It’s where your peepee comes out.”

“I’m going to hit it,” he said.

“NOOOOOO!,” we both shouted.

“You might not want to do that, Bud,” I told him.  “That’s going to hurt.”

“I think I might have to go peepee,” he said swinging around to look at us.  Things were pointing straight at us.  I took the high road and slid behind my daughter.  “He’s all yours,” I encouraged her.

“I want to poop,” he decided.

We waited.  Nothing.  Gave him another minute.  Nothing.

I decided to help things along with a made-up song to get him in the mood.  Feel free to sing along to the tune of “Ta-ra-ra Boom-de-ay”.

“Ta-ra-ra poo de-ay.

I’m going to poop today.

I’ll poop right in this pot.

I think I’ll poop a lot.”

“STOP, Nannie.  That doesn’t make me happy,” Sprout insisted, holding up his hand in my direction.

“Well, it makes ME happy,” I said softly.

We played the waiting game a bit longer and then we finally put him in his crib with a diaper on for a nap.

Now I’m sitting here and I can’t get that tune out of my head.

It Was a Meltdown Morning


I woke up early (as in pre-6 a.m.) since I have the “let’s get Sprout ready for school” duty here on weekdays.  Blearily pulling on my clothes, I waited for the first hints of stirring in the room next to me.  Finally, I went in at 6:30 so that I could get him up, dressed, and fed before his daddy would take him to school.

“No, Nannie!  I want my orange dinosaur shirt,” he wailed after I changed him.  Mind you, this was after I pretended to change four of his stuffed animals AND had to lean over and pull him out of the crib because he was pulling his usual “I’m not budging and I’m scooting to the back wall of my crib” trick.

“Your orange shirt is dirty.  How about the dinosaur bones shirt?” I offered.

“NOOOOO!  I want to keep THIS shirt on,” he wailed.  Since this was his pajama shirt, I told him that wasn’t an option.

“OK, why don’t you come over here and pick out a shirt to wear then,” I suggested, opening his dresser drawer.


“Well, then…you can wear the shirt I picked out,” I said.


“Those are your choices, Bud!” I countered.  “Wear the shirt I picked out or pick out one yourself.”


“Looks like it is the shirt I picked out then,” I said and proceeded to put it on his wriggling, protesting body.

Then we had the struggle of trying to get him downstairs.  When he doesn’t want to budge, he just sits down and becomes dead weight.  Did I mention my daughter’s stairs are very steep and long?  I sucked it up and lifted him and struggled downstairs only to be met by my daughter and the baby.

“What is going on?” she asked Sprout.

“WAAAAAAAAAH”  There followed much screaming, kicking, and more screaming as mommy suggested a cup of milk (NOOOOOO!) and a slice of raisin bread (NOOOOOO!).  We both decided to walk into the other room and leave him to his tantrum.

The baby started to wail.  Et tu, Brute?

My daughter passed the baby over to me and I walked around the kitchen with him trying all of my tricks, to no avail.  In the meantime, Big Brother continued to scream, kick, and wail.

Just then, their daddy decided to make his appearance.

I glanced up and said to him, “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.”

And then it was time to send Sprout off to school.  YESSSSSS!

Breakfast Fog


I got up (early) this morning to help with Sprout since his mommy still can’t lift him out of the crib.  We came downstairs and I went to feed the dogs.  Whoops, the dog food container hadn’t been filled up last night.  Sprout’s daddy had been assigned that job since the big bag of dog food is too heavy for my daughter or me to lift.  Well, necessity is the mother of invention so I looked around and decided to grab one of Sprout’s little sippy cups to scoop out food from the big dog bag into the smaller container.

It worked and soon I had the small dog container filled back up.

“Hmm, I need to be sure to wash that cup,” I thought.

I got the french toast sticks baked per my daughter’s instructions and put some aside for the Sprout.  I grabbed a cup and filled it with milk for the little guy who was clamoring for his morning drink.

We finally sat down for breakfast and the Sprout wanted more milk.


I grabbed his cup and jumped up to refill it and as I did, I looked over at the sink and noticed that the cup I’d used for the dog food wasn’t on the counter.

“Did you put that cup I used to fill the dog food up in the dishwasher?,” I asked my daughter.

“What cup?” she replied.  “I haven’t touched any cup today.  Why?”

“Um, not to worry,” I assured her.  “Your brother once ate a dog biscuit and thought it was a cooky.  A little extra protein isn’t going to hurt Sprout.”


Oh, man, do I ever need some coffee that isn’t cold by the time I get to sipping it AND some extra sleep.

Babysitting and Still Standing!

Tues Wrestle5

It’s Wednesday and we are still standing.  Little Sprout is keeping us on our toes but overall, he is a sweet and funny boy to babysit while Mommy and Daddy are in the hospital with his little brother.

Bet you can't catch me, Papa!

Bet you can’t catch me, Papa!

We DID have one minor meltdown this morning.

“NO, I don’t want to wear the dinosaur shirt,” wailed Sprout.

“Then pick one of these three,” I offered.

“I don’t want those.  I want to wear THIS (pointing to his pajamas),” he insisted.

“You either pick one of these shirts or Nannie will pick one for you,” I held firm.  He didn’t and I picked.

“NOOOOOO, I don’t want those socks.  NOOOO, I want a sleeping diaper not the morning diaper.  NOOOO, those socks hurt,” he continued.

We changed the diaper, changed shirts, and I let him pick out a different pair of socks.

“I want MILK!”, he wailed.

“Then let’s go downstairs and get some,” I offered.

“NOOOOOO!”, the weeping and gnashing of teeth continued.

“Then I can’t help you, Bud,” I told him.

Just then, Bailey the cat walked into his room and his face brightened when I suggested we try to beat Bailey downstairs.  Crisis averted and it was all smiles the rest of the morning all the way to school.

Let's arm wrestle, Papa!

Let’s arm wrestle, Papa!

I find it rather funny that he is now insisting that I drive instead of Papa.  I’m not sure why he feels I’m better suited for being behind the wheel unless he equates his mommy’s car with a lady driving it.

Let's Chill, Sprout!

Let’s Chill, Sprout!

We also got to see little Spike while the Sprout was in school.  He is opening his eyes now and generally being a very content baby.

Tues Eyes Open

Snoozing on Daddy's pillow

Snoozing on Daddy’s pillow

Supper went off without a hitch last night and Sprout devoured his corn on the cob and ate not only his roll, but also his Papa’s.  He also took five good bites of the grilled chicken and some of the zucchini before we gave him a little slice of cake.



He was a happy camper and WE were ready for bed.

Grandchild #5 has Arrived!

Spike and his Papa

Spike and his Papa

Our fourth grandson (and fifth grandchild) arrived yesterday morning at 9:55 a.m.  Nana and Papa couldn’t be prouder of little Spike.  Of course, that’s not what his actual name is but since all of our grandkids have “S” nicknames, I decided that Sweet Pea, Spud, Sprout, and Scooter needed a “Spike” to complete the picture.


He’s already nursing well with quite a good appetite.  We’ve also been told that he soothes himself by sucking on his hands.  His daddy took a cute video of the nurses giving him his first checkup and he kept alternating between crying jags (Spike has very healthy lungs) and quick cat naps.


We think he might have lovely reddish hair like his brother, Sprout but we’ll know more as the days go by.

Frosting the Cake

Frosting the Cake

Speaking of Sprout, his daddy’s side of the family arrived the previous night to cook dinner and they let Sprout help frost the cake.  He LOVED that job.  Our son-in-law’s mom made a great shrimp scampi meal which introduced me to something new.  Have you ever heard of zoodles?

Apparently they are zucchini noodles made with a tool called a “zoodler.”  We had a good laugh when we were serving the scampi and as we pulled the spaghetti out of the pan, one long greenish strand just kept on coming and coming and coming out of the pot.

“What in the world is that?” I asked.  I’d never seen a spaghetti that long.

“It’s a zoodle,” explained my daughter.  She explained that it helps if you occasionally break them up as you use the zoodler.  If you want to check out the tool that you use, this will take you to one on Amazon.

Today we’re heading off to visit Spike and his parents while the Sprout is in preschool.  So far he has been very good for Papa and me, only occasionally asking for his mommy.  When I explain that Mommy is still in the hospital with Baby Spike but will be home in a few days, he seems ok with that.

At the end of the day, though, when Papa and I are collapsed on the sofa with our feet up, dozing off to the news, I can easily understand why it is a lot easier to be a full-time parent when you’re younger.

Buying a Nana Van


So there I was, tooling around in my little Prius-C when we moved to Texas.  Suddenly, it wasn’t just me and my groceries in the car.  I would frequently have the pleasure of toting the two local grandchildren around.  Both are in carseats so my backseat was permanently taken over by their safety seats.  Add the emergency bag that I always keep in the trunk and I might as well have been driving a 2-door sport coupe.  I just had no room.

I talked it over with the Commander and we had reached a tentative agreement to move the car seats over to his Ford Escape so I’d have my car back.  Then this little sweetie made his appearance, bringing the number of local grandchildren up to three. It was time to take a different approach.

Christmas Boy

For those of you who have followed our auto adventures, you might recall that I had not-so-long-ago owned a Toyota minivan when we lived in Pennsylvania.  Yet, it seemed overkill since we only saw the grandchildren once or maybe twice a year at our home so I downsized to my Prius.  At that time, I had no idea we’d be moving to Texas so swiftly.  Well, we did and the rest is history.  That’s why we now found ourselves at the local Honda dealer.

The Sienna was a great minivan but I’d driven in a Honda Odyssey with my daughter when we went out to a fall family wedding.  I’d really liked it and that’s why I decided to look at a Honda.  It’s also the #1-ranked minivan in its class.  I felt like I had a split-personality as a car buyer this time around, though.  I felt like I was viewing the features through the eyes of a parent/grandparent AND through the eyes of an “aging like fine wine” senior adult.

Odie Odometer

The salesman would point out the impressive driver’s display.  I’d say, “Let me see if I can read it from here.  Darn bifocals.”

He’d show us how easy the side doors opened.  We’d say, “Does it have child safety locks for the doors and windows?”

He’d draw our attention to the lovely leather seats.  I’d say, “Hang on a moment.  Let me try getting up into the seat and see how hard it is to get out.  How’s your knee room, Honey?  Can you bend that knee?”

We paid very close attention to how many seats would accommodate car seats and where the latches and tie-downs were located.  The Commander, in particular, was interested in this because it has been a real pain trying to get the car seats hooked in correctly in the Prius.  They don’t make it easy.  True to form, the Sienna that we looked at required the same awkward fiddling around to try to get a car seat in certain seats.

The salesman pointed out the middle seat in the middle row and showed how it folded over to hold cups.  “We’re more interested in access to the back seat,” I told him.  “We’ll need to put one car seat back there.”

“The child can just climb right over the middle area or you can flip up the seat for access to the back row,” he told us.

“Little hard to do when there’s a baby in a car seat in that seat you want to flip up,” I groused.  Luckily the middle row of an Odyssey can hold three car seats so we can put Spud in the middle and the baby on one outer seat and then still flip one seat for back access.

“Let me try getting back there,” I said, thinking that I’d need to be able to head to the back row to help Sweet Pea buckle her car seat.

“Um, are there any handles to pull yourself up into the van,” I asked the salesman. “Wait, hold on…I think I’ve got it!”

Thankfully, he didn’t have to give me a shove.

The salesman urged me to try sitting in the driver’s seat.  I was VERY impressed that I could raise the seat so easily since I’m shrinking fast and almost need a booster seat myself.  The salesman emphasized that the seats offered individual heated controls for those few days in the winter when it does get cold in Texas.  He pointed out the controls.

“Oh,” I told him.  “I thought that was a ‘thumbs-up’ symbol.”  I readjusted my glasses and leaned forward for a closer look.

The Grans

When we were ready to close the deal, we were sitting at a desk talking to the salesman and all of a sudden, an elderly couple came and sat down at the next desk.  The wife was doing most of the talking, quite loudly, I might add.

“We want to trade in our sedan for a minivan.  We have grandchildren that we have to drive around now and that sedan with seating for four just isn’t cutting it,” she told the man.

George and I looked at each other and started to snicker.  Yup, gone are the days when you’d near retirement and trade in your sedan for a sporty little number.  If you have grandchildren nearby, it’s minivan time, Baby!


Meet Odie, short for “Odysseus”…our new Honda Odyssey minivan, big brother to “Tigger,” our Prius-C.

Van Parking

Christmas Came Early

Christmas Baby12-16

Christmas came early to our family this year.  On Tuesday, little Jono (rhymes with “Bono”) Francis was born down here in the great state of Texas.  I was privileged to be in the room for his labor and birth and it was such an awesome thing to experience this moment with my son and daughter-in-law and her mother.  And imagine the blessing for her mother because the very next day, Grandma #2 headed off up North to meet her OTHER new grandchild who had been born two days earlier.  What fun these cousins will have together.


When it came time to bring Spud and Sweet Pea to meet little Scooter, it was so much fun to see their reactions to him.  They were thrilled to look him over, touch him, and kiss him.


They were even singing to their baby brother and talking to him a mile a minute.


Of course, I couldn’t get enough of holding this little, sweet boy.  So far, he has been a very cuddly, calm baby.  We’ll see if the trend continues.

We’ve been helping out by having Spud and Sweet Pea sleep over and trying to get them to their respective schools on time and picked up on time.  It’s been SO long since I’ve had this responsibility full-on and I can only thank our son for his detailed instructions and the “morning checklist.”


Just to show you how hectic it’s been, it was early afternoon yesterday before I realized that I had my underwear on inside out.  When I made a quick stop at the grocery store to pick up something the kiddos might like for supper, I was in the check-out line and couldn’t understand why the card-scanning device wanted me to scan again.

“I swiped my card,” I told the clerk.  “Why is it asking me to do it again?  I hit the red “X” for credit, right?”

She leaned over and had me swipe again and then tapped the button that said “Credit.”  Oh!

I looked back at the line waiting behind me.

“I’m a tad distracted,” I told the group.  “I just had a new grandchild born.  Plus I’m ALL out of practice getting his siblings off to school and picked back up.”

A sixties-something lady back in the line smiled knowingly.  The thirty-something young thing right behind me just looked at me blankly.

I thought to myself, “Yeah, I’ll just bet HER underwear is on right-side out.  Well, enjoy the moment because you’ll be waking up in a few days full of arthritis, forty pounds heavier and wondering how in the world you work a car seat and a kiddie thermos.”

In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy the moment with the newest little member of our family.  Welcome to life, Jono!



Water Park – Check! Bucket List – Check!

Great Wolf Lodge

Great Wolf Lodge

My trip out East continued as my daughter, Sprout, and I drove out to Michigan for a family wedding.  We decided to break up the trip into two days so we stayed overnight on the way at the Great Wolf Lodge in Sandusky, Ohio.  Wow, what a place!  It is geared totally for children, which actually kind of makes it geared for parents/grandparents, as well, since there are many things there to keep the kiddos occupied and give the oldsters a break.

The Clock Tower

The Clock Tower

When you first arrive, you see this impressive clock tower in the lobby.  Every evening, a costumed storyteller shows up to have “storytime” for the children as the things in the clock tower area spring into action.  Parents and children alike come down to the lobby in their pjs and listen to the story.  I know this, not because I was sitting at the storytime but because the ice cream parlor was right next to the lobby and that’s where I headed.  Oh, yes, children also receive furry “wolf ears” headpieces when you check in for your room.

“Mom’s happy,” my daughter told her husband on the phone that evening.  “They have Fettuccine Alfredo in the restaurant and an ice cream parlor just down the hall from us.”


The main thing that my daughter wanted to do there was take Sprout to the water park.  They have a 3-story indoor water park in the lodge, complete with fountains, various swimming areas, a pool geared for toddlers, a lazy river for tubing, and quite a few slides, some of which go outside the building and come back inside to deposit you in the water.

IMG_3176 (1)

I was a little apprehensive about going to the water park.  I haven’t been in a bathing suit or a pool in quite a few years.  I’m not exactly a swimsuit model.

“Mom,” my daughter told me emphatically, “Look around you.  Do any of these women look like they could model swimsuits?  Most of them have had multiple children and at any rate, they could care less what you look like.”

So I put on my suit, my swim shoes, and my prescription swim goggles bought just for this occasion and bravely forged into the water.  I can tell you that those goggles really made a world of difference.  I could actually see!

Getting Braver

Getting Braver

At first Sprout wouldn’t go near the toddler slides.  He sat on the edge of the little pool and refused to budge.  He definitely got braver as the evening progressed.


Soon he was climbing up the little stairs and sliding down the side slide.  That “wet his whistle” (ooh, I know) for MORE slides.  Off we went in search of more challenging slides for him.  We found two that emptied into about 4 feet of water.  I would stand at the base and wait for my daughter to walk Sprout up to the top and then sit him down.  Whoosh!  Down he’d come and I’d grab him before he went under the water.  Laura also would come down sometimes beside him.  It looked like a lot of fun.


“Why don’t YOU try it, Mom?” coaxed my daughter.

I wasn’t too sure.  I’d never gone down a water slide.  I asked her if she thought I’d hit the bottom but she assured me that only my feet would hit the bottom.  Uh-huh!

My first challenge was faced when I stood at the top and realized that I’d have to somehow get down to sit at the top.  Graceful, I’m not.  Normally, I’d have to get to my knees and then grab hold of something to hang onto while I turned myself around and finished sitting.  I wanted to appear in control  and there was nothing to grab so I started to try to gracefully sit down but ended up falling on my backside.  There I sat.  I wasn’t moving.  Ok, apparently, I’d have to push myself off, which I did.  Whoosh!  Down I went, laughing all the way until I landed in the water and promptly HIT THE BOTTOM WITH MY BOTTOM!  Ugh!  I came up sputtering.  “Check THAT off my bucket list,” I gaily yelled to my daughter.


We went into a deeper pool where Sprout sat on a huge floating snake for awhile before we bounded over to some water polo nets and threw some baskets.  However, Sprout had his “eyes” on the BIG slides.  He wanted to go on those something fierce.  It took both of our concerted efforts to keep him down off the stairs to the slides and he was NOT a happy camper/swimmer.

In an effort to distract him, we headed to the Lazy River.  My daughter grabbed an inner tube for herself and the little guy and I grabbed another one.

“Um, how do I get into this?” I asked her.

“Just put it in the water and sit in it,” she answered.

It was too buoyant.  It didn’t hold still despite my best efforts to fold myself into it.  I tried to bring it back up on the steps and gracefully sink into it but all I accomplished was falling down on the steps.  My pride was a tad bruised from that so I did the next best thing…I went underneath it and stuck my head and shoulders up inside it along with my arms.  Only problem was that it didn’t seem to want to float anywhere.  I was just floating in place.  My daughter assured me that the Lazy River was a bit “lazier” than most, otherwise I’d be moving.

I ended up just leaning on the darn tube and walking around the course.  So much for my pride.

IMG_3181 (1)

When it was time to leave the pool area and head back to the room, Sprout pitched a fit.  He was still trying to pull his mommy back to the pool even when we were back in our room.  I’d say the waterpark was a BIG hit with little Sprout and it’s one more thing that I can check off of my Bucket List.

Maryland Day Five

Sun Sushi

Well, yesterday I ate sushi.  Now, I’ve actually eaten sushi once before and hated it.  Yesterday, I ate one California Roll and another type that had shrimp in it.  I actually liked both.  That was totally unexpected.  I know that the correct way to eat sushi is to eat the whole thing in one bite.  I can’t do that.  My mouth is just too small.  It gags me.  I can actually get about four bites out of a roll like the one above.  So, I grabbed my knife and fork and ate my sushi VERY incorrectly but who cares?  I’m a senior citizen now and I’m old enough to set my own trends.

Sun basket boy

On to some “Sprout” news…we had a grand time playing “Sprout in a Basket.”  We put his little pillow in the laundry basket and he put his “babies” (his blankets) in it and curled right up.

Sun basket boy2

“Hi, Nannie!  Did you think I was sleeping?  Guess again!”

Sun basket boy3

“I’m just sitting in here cuddling with Monkey George and my babies.”

After Sprout went to bed, I introduced his parents to the show, “Longmire.”  I think I’ve made some converts.  Life is good!

Today, I got to visit the church Laura and her family are attending.  It’s a very nice church with good, solid Bible teaching.  Everyone I met was very friendly and there are SO many young children there.  Sprout will have plenty of little friends in his Sunday School classes.  Then Laura and I walked Sprout around the neighborhood when we returned home and I got plenty of exercise.

This evening, I babysat Sprout so his parents could have a date night.  We watched a little “Curious George”, danced a bit, Facetimed with Papa and played with his farm animal set before it was time for him to head to bed.  Ended the evening by knitting some more on my Geology Shawl while the grownups watched two more episodes of “Longmire.”


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