Yawning Through Echoes of My Reading Past

When I was a kid, I read all the time.  I still do.  It’s been a lifelong habit.  My mom would come around the corner and find me with my nose buried in a book.

“Why don’t you go outside and play?” she’d ask.

“Mmmm,”  I’d respond, my mind far away on whatever great adventure I was currently reading about

When her nagging to go outside and be a regular kid would get to be too annoying, I’d grab my book and  find a place to hide.  Who needed Jimmy Cooper or Patty Blake as playmates when I had Peter Pan and Wendy as friends?

The worst battles came at night.  Mom would want me to turn off the light and go to sleep.  After all, I usually had school in the morning and she was a firm believer in being fresh and rested for studious endeavors.  I, on the other hand, hated to have to close whatever book I was reading and call it a day.  It became a battle of wits.  I started turning off the light but grabbing a flashlight and reading under the covers.  That worked as long as the batteries lasted or my supply of cool air was depleted on those hot summer nights in a non-air conditioned house.    Then in one of those strokes of good fortune, my mother dragged me off to learn Braille.  She thought I was going to lose my eyesight (thankfully I didn’t) and she wanted to give me the tools to cope.  What she actually ended up giving me was a means to read books in the total darkness.  Wow!  It was great!

Fast forward many years and here I am, still reading every chance I get and still not wanting to turn off the lights at the end of the day to get my rest.  My hubby is long-suffering.  He has perfected the art of falling asleep with a light still on in the bedroom.  But I usually am still clinging to my book (electronic or traditional) until it hits me in the face as it slips from my hands when I doze off.  That’s why it shouldn’t surprise me that I’m pretty tired this morning.  I was up late reading.  I just couldn’t put my Kindle down until…CLUNK….it hit me in the face and that gave me the motivation to turn it off and turn off the light.  I guess there are some habits that just never change.  Sorry about that, Mom!

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