Who Turned Off the Heat?

What a difference a day makes.  The other day it was 92 degrees here in south-central PA.  I was loving our unusual, record-setting heatwave.  That was the other day.  Today it didn’t get above the mid-50’s and it is supposed to get down into the 30’s tonight.  Ugh!  What happened to my glorious summery weather?

Since I knew it was supposed to be getting colder, I decided to make up a crockpot recipe for Chicken Tortilla Soup.  This is MY type of recipe.  It’s strictly a “dump and pour” recipe.  That’s all there is to it other than enjoying a tasty bowl of it in the evening.

That’s just what we did, too.  Boy, did it taste good.  Hard to believe that a recipe so simple could be so tasty.   To serve it, I like to crush some tortilla chips into my bowl, ladle some of the soup over the chips, sprinkle some chopped onions and shredded cheese on top of the soup and dig in.  Here’s the recipe, in case you’d like to give it a go yourself:

Chicken Tortilla Soup
4 chicken breast halves (you can vary the amount to whatever quantity you prefer for your size family)
2 15-oz. cans black beans, undrained
2 15-oz. cans Mexican stewed tomatoes, or Rotel tomatoes
1 c. Salsa (mild, medium, or hot, whichever you prefer)
4-oz. can chopped green chilies
14 1/2-oz. can tomato sauce
Tortilla chips
2 c. grated cheese

1.  Combine all the ingredients except the chips and cheese in a large slow cooker.
2.  Cover.  Cook on Low for 8 hours.
3.  Just before serving, remove the chicken breasts and shred them with a fork.  Stir back into the soup.
4.  To serve, put a handful of chips in each individual soup bowl.  Ladle the soup over the chips.  Top with cheese.

And now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to make a mug of the new K-cup spring blend of Island Coconut coffee I just got today and go warm up.

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