Where’s the Color?

The Commander and I were out driving the other day and I remarked that, if we judged our nation’s personality by the color of our cars, we would be considered a very drab group of people.

“Honestly,” I went on.  “Have you ever seen such an uninspired bunch of colors?  Everywhere you look, all you see are grays and white and the occasional drab burgundy.”

“Sometimes you might see a blue car but it usually is a greyish blue or a Navy blue.  What’s wrong with turquoise or teal?” I wondered.

“Everybody looks like they’re driving somebody’s government-issue car or a corporate car.  There isn’t an ounce of personality in the bunch,” I went on.

The Commander looked at me like I was nuts.  His last car was gray.  His current car is a slate blue and that was only because I insisted that he put a little color into his life.  My car, on the other hand, is fire engine red.  It would have been a wilder color if one had been offered.

“Why don’t automakers come up with purples and chartreuse?  Why aren’t there more oranges or how about fuschia?  How about some iridescent colors that fade from one color into another, like some of the custom hot rods have?” I asked.

Personally, I’m thrilled to discover that the Ford Fiesta comes in my favorite spring green color AND that Ford has a custom graphics option that can be dealer installed.  I have already picked out what graphic I’d like on my apple green Fiesta, when and if I get a new car.  It’s a cityscape done in black.  Then I’d just need to add a few black flying bats scattered around the sides and voila….my own vampmobile!  Whee!

I say we should start a new campaign to say “no” to drab and “yes” to zest!  Are you with me?

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