What’s Next? Sand Dunes?

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, it’s really been hot in our area.  There have been storms that have passed through but they have dropped little or no rain here.  It’s looking more and more like a drought area.  Bushes are wilting, flowers are brown, and lawns are looking terrible.

I hadn’t realized just how bad it really was until the other day when I happened to look out of our kitchen window into the backyard.  Gulp!  My gosh, Fresca, the Wonder Dog’s little fenced-in part of the yard was beginning to look like a dried-up riverbed.  The ground was actually cracking.

This is how the enclosed part of our yard looks.  The  glimpse you have of the rest of our yard shows that it isn’t much better.  There are big patches of dried up lawn.  Our poor lawn guy hasn’t bothered to mow for the past two weeks.  There hasn’t been any new growth to mow.

I suppose we could get out the sprinklers but we really don’t believe in wasting water like that.  In fact, in times of drought, the conventional wisdom is to not bother watering your established lawns because grass will go dormant and then spring back once the rains start back up.  It will happen, but in the meantime, I can’t help but think how lovely and lush everything looked in early Spring vs. how it looks now.  Sigh!

On another note, daughter Laura looks a little amazed to see that there might be another photographer in the family.

Yes, the Commander has joined the digital SLR world.  Oh, he’s always been a photographer.  In fact, he was developing his own film way back when we first met.  But he hadn’t been taking many pictures in recent years.  Now, with his new birthday toy, I think he’s going to be getting back into his hobby.  Happy birthday, Sweetie!

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Hot Flashed Funk

  • Our lawn looks the same – and I cannot remember the last time we mowed. It is true, the grass can ‘die’ then come back as green and lush as ever with a bit of rain. We never water – we’re on a well and have WAY too much grass to keep it watered – so I know of what I speak. But, why don’t the weeds stop growing along with the grass? You’d think they’d need water, too.


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