What’s in Grandma’s purse this week?

Well, it’s time for my weekly inventory of what I took out of Grandma Loose’s purse when I picked her up for church on Sunday. You see, my mom has always been a packrat but since moving to an assisted living facility, she hasn’t been able to fill an entire house with “things.” So, now she fills her purse with “things.”

Each week, I pull up to the front of her facility, load her into the car, load her walker into the back of the car, and put her purse into the back seat where I keep a small garbage bag at the ready. I quickly go through the purse and pull out all the, um, “ripe” and ready-to-be trashed items and then hand her the purse. She is none the wiser.

Once we get to the church, off she goes into the foyer and I follow behind, handing the trash bag to my husband, the head usher who neatly slam-dunks it into the nearest trash can. Getting the rotten banana smell out of the car takes a bit longer. So —here is what I took out this week:

Six dirty table napkins
Two rotten bananas
One tea bag
One jelly container
One cooky stuffed into a cup partially full of dried punch remnants
A Michigan bulletin from January
Two used and empty envelopes
One library book (this I did NOT throw away….just cleaned it off a little)
One magazine

And that’s the inventory for April 1st and I am NOT fooling.

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Hot Flashed Funk

  • I chuckled at this one! Your mom’s a hoot and a half!

    Good to see you blogging again! I enjoy your posts!



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