What’s a Fave Friday Without Food?

And here we are again, at the end of another week.  I used to think that summers only flew by when you were still in school but now I know better.  It happens to us at all stages of life.  I can’t believe that it is almost the end of July.  Yet here it is again, time for another Friday’s Fave Five.  This week’s Fave Five are mainly going to revolve around food (what else?) with just a hint of fiber thrown in for good measure.  So shall we get started?

1.  Sticky Buns from the Farmer’s Market – I’ve gotten in the habit lately of heading over to the local farmer’s market on Fridays.  I usually get a few mini sticky buns but today they were all sold out.  So I had to buy a BIG sticky bun cake.  Yummy!  Of course, I didn’t eat the whole thing but it sure was a feast for the eyes.

2.  Little Cheesers from the Amish stand – Speaking of “feast”, I always have to include a stop at the little Amish stand on my way out of the Farmer’s Market to get a few “little cheesers.”  These are pretzel dough wrapped around mini-sausages wrapped in cheese.  Oh, boy!  Are they ever good.  In my defense, I only ate 3 of these and saved the rest of them for the Commander.

3.  Gourmet coffee from a local distributor – the Commander loves this flavor for the coffee that he takes into work in the mornings.  I love the smell of it brewing, too.  The little store that I used to purchase this at stopped carrying it so I was delighted to find it now available at the Farmer’s Market.

4.  Spoiled food in this heat is no fun.  Thank goodness that we discovered that our freezer was no longer working when we did, even if I wasn’t able to salvage the food before it had thawed.  However, our garage now is starting to smell like rotting food as the stuff sits in our garbage cans waiting to go out in the trash on Monday evening.  In the meantime, I’m parking my car in the driveway so that it doesn’t smell like garbage.

5.  I finally finished my first woven project.    When we last saw the scarf I was weaving, it looked like this.  I ‘ve since finished weaving it and taken it off the little Cricket loom.  Now it looks like this.

It’s pretty amateurish but I figure a person has to start somewhere otherwise there is no room for improvement.  I would imagine that the more I weave, the better my edges will become and the more consistent my weaving will be.

Well, that’s it for my Fave Five.  To join in the fun, go to Susanne’s blog at Living to Tell the Story and follow the link to post your own Friday’s Fave Five.

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Hot Flashed Funk

  • Wow those are some fine looking sticky buns.

    These little cheese stuffers are yummy looking. Good job the diet didn’t start because the picture could cause me to gain a little weight.

  • All those goodies! They all looked great.

    Did you get a new freezer or were you able to fix the old one?

    I’ve never even considered weaving — I think you did great! Happy Friday.

  • Sounds like the Farmers Market is the place to go! I think those Amish little cheesers would be my weakness…

    I don’t know anything about weaving, but that scarf doesn’t look amateurish to me!

  • Oh, those sticky buns look fabulous! Not fair—the little cheesers look great too. Now I am really getting hungry. Glad you were able to salvage your food, but sorry about your freezer breaking. What a beautiful scarf!

  • Hi Dee,
    Oh, I am trying not to be envious of your little loom! My big one is TOO big and I don’t know where to put it up in my little cottage. I want to learn to weave…

    I love my farmers market, too!

  • Gosh, your first 3 looked delish! Glad you found the freezer wasn’t working when you did!

  • Now I’m hungry! lol Those sticky buns look soo yummy!

    I hope your freezer can be fixed.

  • The scarf is great! What’s next?

    Good food choices for FFF! My fave would be the ‘cheesers’ 🙂

  • What’s a FFF without food in the list somewhere? I know I can’t do it. :vD The sticky buns and the Cheesers look amazing. I’d never heard of cheesers. Hmmm, wonder if the Hutterite ladies make them around here. I’ll have to make sure I go to the Farmer’s Market on Saturday and look!


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