We Were As Grasshoppers

When you come to Texas, it’s easy to feel like the twelve spies who went to check out the Promised Land for Moses.  You come away thinking, “Man, everything is BIG in Texas.”  Of course, if you’re like me, your next thought is, “Man, this is the Promised Land.  Yeah, Mama!”   I mean, look at the size of that chicken-fried steak! 

The next thing you notice is that they just seem to do babies bigger in Texas.  Their charm is oversized, too.  How could anyone resist this little guy?

Obviously, not me!  Nor his PawPaw, either.

Texas ladies are known to be able to wrap everyone around their little fingers.  Our little “Sweet Pea” Mika sure had us at “Hello, Nana and PawPaw” when we arrived for our visit.

Texas heatwaves aren’t just little sizzles.  They are HOT.  We’re determined not to be wilting Pennsylvanian wimps so we’re grinning and bearing the 100+ degree days.

The Texas-size heat requires a Texas-sized nap and we’re finding it pretty easy to slip into snooze-time when we’re snuggling on the couch with the grandchildren.

Texas grandchildren give their Nanas LOTS of creative inspiration to whip up projects like this quilt in honor of our little pippin, Luke’s birth.

Yessir, it’s the Promised Land. For the next few weeks, you can expect more reports from the “other side of the Jordan.”

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Hot Flashed Funk

  • Love the colorful quilt!

    I already know you are having a wonderful time with your littles since I’m reading backward on your blog and I’ve been absent for much too long.


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