It’s a War Zone in my Head

Dog Beside


It’s been pretty quiet on this blog ever since we returned from Texas.  Well, the reason is that I’ve been sick – REALLY sick – with, what my doctor originally thought was pneumonia.  I mean I have been coughing so hard that I thought I was going to cough my innards out.  Then we added chills, body aches, extreme weakness, and a nose that would be flowing like Niagara Falls one minute and then blocked like Congress the next minute.  It was all I could do to stumble from recliner to bathroom and then back to the recliner.  Just horrible.

Faithful Toto


Through this marathon of suffering, little Toto has been by my side, even when coughing has been so violent that I was sure she was going to be sent flying off my lap.  The little sweetie has stuck it out.  Just a few days ago, my doctor revised the diagnosis to a severe upper respiratory infection with sinus infection.  All I know is it feels horrid.

There have been two strange side effects with this particular illness that I haven’t encountered before.  The first was completely losing my appetite.  NOTHING tempted me!  I love to eat so this is really unusual for me.  The second thing has been my taste buds suddenly got all turned around.  It was like nothing tasted like it should.  Most things were tasting like cardboard.  Even my toothpaste tastes wrong.  I SO hope that this is a result of the sinus infection and that things will right themselves once I’m healed.



The latest side effect to join the party is that both of my ears have become blocked up with fluid so that I can hardly hear anything.  Whereas I used to listen to the TV with the volume set around level “27”, today I had it cranked up to “63” and I still had to really focus to hear what was being said.  Tonight I’ll have to ask the Commander to put on the Closed Captioning, I guess, or risk blasting him out of the room.

These blocked ears are causing strange sounds to be amplified within my head, too.  When I showered this morning, I flipped on the vent exhaust switch and almost fell over when it sounded like a dryer attempting to dry several sets of tennis shoes.  It never sounds like that.  I had to drive over to a nearby drugstore later in the morning (a rather unsettling experience when you can’t hear)  to pick up more acetaminophen and when I stepped out of the car, I did an about face to figure out where the construction sounds were coming from.  I swear I heard jackhammers but there wasn’t a one in sight.  Trying to interact with the clerk was a treat.  I was really having trouble figuring out if she was talking to me.  At one point, I almost asked her “Do you hear that jackhammer?”  but just then, I swear a set of chimes went off in my head.  “Ooh!”, I said.

“Excuse me?” she responded.

I paid for my purchases and dragged myself back to the car.

Since my excursion into temporary deafness, I’ve heard tennis shoes thudding in dryers, buzzing, whistles, chimes, jackhammers, my own amplified heartbeat, and I swear I even heard my mother’s voice at one point (though maybe that one could be chalked up to the cold meds I’m on).  Apparently it’s a pretty noisy and busy place up there in my head.  Now if these germs and their excess fluids would just leave, I’d be one happy lady.  I am MORE than ready to start feeling better.

  • Oh no! I hope you are feeling better soon. It sounds like it is a really nasty bug. Could it be the flu that has now reached epidemic levels?

    • Dee

      It’s possible, although I did get my flu shot in October. But I had wondered if there wasn’t an element of the flu there when I was feeling all achy and then having chills for awhile. I’m just so ready to start feeling better.


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