Walking on the Wild Side

It’s time for Friday’s Fave Five already.  This week’s five center around several things that are “walking on the wild side” for me.  Comparatively speaking, they are probably pretty tame for most people but a definite departure for me.  Then I’ve thrown in a few totally “tame” items, too.  Shall we begin?

1.  I started my course of the oral Typhoid Vaccine.  I have to take a total of four pills – one every other day and so far everything is going well.  I’m not experiencing any side effects that I can identify.  My doctor indicated that the “shot” version can sometimes have some nasty side effects so I’m more than happy to give this new version a try.  Once I’m done with these, I just have one more Hep. B shot to get plus my flu shots and then I’m good to go for my trip to Asia.  The rest of my shot series won’t be due until I return.

2.  I purchased a “stylin’ jacket for the fall.  Maybe it’s the blonde hair or maybe it’s the fact that I’m losing the weight, but I just feel like stepping outside of my normal comfort zone with clothes and trying some new styles. 

3.  To go along with the jacket, I had to get some motorcycle boots.  These Harley Davidson boots are incredibly comfortable.  Believe me, my feet are not easy to fit at all and I always go for comfort.  I was really pleasantly surprised at how good they feel on my feet.  Having zippers on both sides of the boot make it so easy to put them on, too.

4.  I went down another size in pants and splurged with some black denim jeans.  For years, I’ve just worn pull-on elastic waist knit slacks.  It’s only been recently that I’ve started feeling svelte enough to wear normal pants again.  I decided…”what the hay?” and went for broke, purchasing black denim AND going for the straight leg pants style, too.

5.  Finally, my Kindle 3 arrived.  This set off a chain reaction.  I was able to pass on my Kindle 2 to the Commander and pack away our original Kindle (which the Commander HAD been using) for Jason and Laura.  I’ll take it to them when I leave in December.   This new Kindle is smaller and lighter and holds an incredible 3500 books. 

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Hot Flashed Funk

  • Aren’t Kindles awesome? I have been wanting to get one for a while now but it will have to wait until Christmas probably.

    Great Fave Five!!

  • Sounds like you’re getting all prepared for your trip to Asia! How exciting. Good for you in trying new styles. I’m sure you’ll look great in your stylin’ jacket and boots. I’m envious of your Kindle 3. I love my Kindle 2, but 3 sure would be nice…

  • Your trip sounds like its going to be awesome. The kindle will come in very handy on the flights there and back!!
    And you have to splurge and buy new clothes when you lose weight!! I love the jacket!!

  • I’ve had the typhoid vaccine many times but only once gotten to take the pills- I think they last longer.

    Love the jacket, I have lost a lot of weight recently and I just got myself a new dress for fall and a Christmas dress! I know its early, but I found a good one.

    I just saw that you came over to blogger from WordPress. Which do you like better?

  • now, I learned something ! I had never heard about a “Kindle” and had to look up what it is ! that’s very interesting, I never have seen it here, but maybe it’s why I didn’t pay attention either.

  • Whoo, look at all those spiffy new clothes. Have fun wearing them.

    Sounds like you guys are really into the Kindles.

  • Yaaay for weight loss and smarter clothes, awesome isn’t it?

  • Wow, all that trip preparation! Sounds great. The Kindle will be invaluable on your long trip, won’t it? And what a blessing to be able to pass old ones on.

    Love the new jacket. Have a great week!

  • I’m thinking about a Kendle and haven’t made the purchase yet, I read they are great and everyone I talk to says so.

    That is a big prep to go to Asia.

    Love the jacket and boots.
    Have a great week.

  • Cool looking home page! Love your tag line too. Changing it is a theme this week for a couple of FFF writers. It is time I walked on the wild side. And like you, my items would probably not classify as very wild. 🙂

    Congrats on the weight loss. Love your new jacket and boots. I never would have thought that those boots would be comfortable. I always go for comfort too. Maybe getting a pair is the wild I will go for this fall.

    Wahoo on going to Asia. I hope to visit there one day.

    I’m not sure I would use and enjoy a kindle. I much prefer holding and smelling a real book. But I can see how handy it would be on long flights.

  • OH, I LOVE those boots! They look so comfy.

    Congrats on a new pants size!

    I’m getting excited for your trip!


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