Waiting on my Toyota

This is my first time taking my Surface RT out in public. I have to tell you that it was really nice being able to just slip this thin little slip of a computer into my purse and head out the door. In the interest of full disclosure, it WAS a BIG purse; more like a knitting bag/purse but hey, I was able to fit my Surface AND my Kindle Touch AND my normal purse items into it. Just in case I found myself not really enjoying the computing experience on the RT out in the real world, I brought my knitting along, too. I mean, really, that’s a given, isn’t it?

I figured that it was going to be a LONG wait because the van was due to get a complimentary 15,000 mile checkup but also an air-conditioning tune-up because my son thought it wasn’t working properly. In fact, I also had my doubts whether or not it was working properly. At times it seemed to be cooling just fine but other times, it was lukewarm, to say the least. I wasn’t convinced that it wasn’t human error, though. Apparently the technicians at my Toyota dealership suspected as much, too, because the first thing they did was have me sit in the driver’s seat and turn on the climate control as I normally would. Aha! Seems that it was working correctly after all and that I just needed to tweak it a bit, which they patiently explained to me.

I plaintively said to them, as I followed them back to the check-in point, “Gee, this thing has so many controls that I feel like I have to go back to college just to figure them all out. I REALLY miss my little sporty car that I had before this. Not that this isn’t a wonderful van but I only got it to haul the grandchildren around and I have to say that I really miss my little Vibe.”

My technician smiled patiently and said, “I’m sure you do,” as he crossed off the Check air conditioning off of the work order.

So now I’m sitting here in the Techie corner working on this blog post. I had read a lot of criticisms by users who say that the Surface RT isn’t conducive to blogging. Then I stumbled across one user who said that this was incorrect. He mentioned how the Office Word version included on the RT had a template called “Blog Post” that made it easy to compose your posts and to include images. I’m trying out his suggestions today.

I did try to connect to the wireless here but their wireless is hopeless. I didn’t have any problem finding the way to discover available networks using Windows 8. You just swipe from the right and then click on Settings and you’ll see a “bars” symbol and the word “Available” near the bottom. You just touch that and the available networks show up on the charms bar on the right. Then it is a simple matter of picking one and entering the password, if one is required. The available wireless network here for customers is super slow so I finally just gave up and went back to working on this post.

Speaking of working on the post, I’m using the Type Cover and it makes typing up this post pretty sweet. I suspect if I was trying to use the Touch Cover, it would be taking me much longer. That said, I’m still getting used to this keyboard. I spend a lot of time backspacing to get rid of mistakes. Thankfully, I’m a fast typist so even with the backspacing, I’m still making good progress. I have noticed that the keyboard gets rather dirty quickly. I’ve only used the keyboard sparingly for a few days and already it seems to me that it looks like I’ve been using it for a LONG time, judging by the look of the keys. I mean, I don’t have grubby hands or sit and eat greasy food (or any food, for that matter) and then type on my keyboard. I might have to do a little research into cleaning off this keyboard. I DO really like how it has such a low profile and provides a nice protective cover for the face of the Surface.

Well, I just took a little side trip to check on cleaning the keyboard. Seems I’m not the only one wondering how to do this which leads me to believe that it is a common problem since Microsoft has been selling these nifty little keyboard covers. Microsoft’s website says to use a lint-free cloth dampened in soapy water to clean the keyboard but not to get the cover wet. They suggest cleaning your Type Cover frequently but also caution that you should be sure to disconnect it from your Surface laptop before you clean. I guess you’d really have to wring that cloth out to avoid getting any liquid on the keyboard. Others on the forums have suggested special wipes you can purchase or just using a microfiber cloth made for cleaning computer screens. I happen to have a very good microfiber cloth right here and tried it on the keyboard (oh, I first disconnected the keyboard, of course) and it cleaned it somewhat but you can definitely still see where I hit the spacebar and the keys that get the most use.

And now to try inserting pictures from my Microsoft Sky Drive account. It seems to have worked slickly. I just touched my Insert tab and picked Online Pictures and then chose my Skydrive account and then browsed for the pictures I wanted. Next up, I’m going to try to Publish it to my WordPress blog and lets see what happens. Wish me luck.


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