Waiting on a Westie

In three days, the Commander, myself, and my friend, Judy (along with her dog, Sadie) will be heading up to midstate Pennsylvania to pick up our Westie puppies.  I’ll be bringing home our little male puppy and Judy will be bringing home a new little sister for Sadie.

The time has gotten close enough that I’m now setting out things for our little guy.  I’ve got a little bed set out by the fireplace with a few toys by it.  I must confess that I felt rather guilty setting that bed down in the very same spot where my beloved Fresca’s bed had always sat.

I’ve placed his main crate beside my computer.  I figure since that’s where I spend the majority of my time each day, writing and researching, that my little guy can crawl in there to nap and, since the side panel curtain also folds up, he can see me at all times.  I can also shut the computer room door while in there and keep a close eye on him when he’s outside the crate.

His dog dishes are in place beside our refrigerator in the same spot where Fresca’s dishes used to stand.  I have to keep reminding myself that Fresca understands and approves, looking down from doggy heaven.  After all, it is a great tribute to Fresca the Wonder Dog that her love and companionship was so special to me that it has made me want to have that again with another dog.

The leashes are in place beside the front door, waiting for those walks that our new little one and I will be taking.

Today I’ll be heading off to the pet store to pick up puppy food and any last-minute supplies that I don’t have on hand.  I’ll also be picking up some fleece material from the fabric store and will be sure to handle it quite a bit between now and Saturday so that it will have my scent on it.  That way it should prove comforting to our pup when I place it in his little bed in the crate at night.  (I’ll let you know how THAT goes.)

I’ll leave you today with a glimpse of my latest desktop wallpaper – a picture of little Spud shopping for pumpkins.  I figure it’s the perfect wallpaper for this Fall weather.

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Hot Flashed Funk

  • I remember the excitement when my youngest son and I went to get Fergus last February. There is nothing more precious than a Westie puppy. But that first night – oh my! Be prepared for very little sleep. 🙂


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