Wacky Christmas Gifts

The “Not-Keeping-Up-With-Technology Gift”

Oh, boy!  My Brookstone catalog came yesterday and I finally had time to look through it this morning.  I love going through their catalog because they always have unique gifts.  Sometimes they have some pretty wacky ones, too.  I had to highlight a few that caught my eye.  Are you ready?

1.  The “Not Keeping Up With Technology Gift” – This is the iDesign Tower Stereo System.  I have to chuckle at it, though. Here is a speaker that stands 40 inches high with a TINY iPhone or iPod on top.  Hello?  Isn’t the whole genius of our marvelous iPads, iPhones and small music storage devices the fact that we can cram so much into such tiny devices?  And yet we have to stick it on a monolith like this?  I’m holding out for a tiny version, thank you.

“The Annoying-As-Heck Gift”

2.  The “Annoying As Heck Gift” – Are you someone who just can’t get up in the morning?  Maybe this alarm clock is for you.  It’s Tocky – The Rolling Alarm Clock.  Tocky will wake you up with an alarm and then roll off your nightstand and jump and roll all over your room until you get out of bed to shut the darn thing off.  I don’t know about you but I’m thinking that someone who has a very hard time getting up probably isn’t too chipper once they wake up.  I suspect “long life” and “Tocky” aren’t mutually compatible terms.  Duck!

“The My Kid is Brilliant Gift”

3.  The “My Kid is Brilliant Gift” – We all know them….those parents that can’t stop bragging about their kids.  If you have one of those on your shopping list, how about the Go Vinci “Look What I Made” Backpack?  Now parents can not only drone on and on about their kids but they can also put their masterpieces right out there for all the world to see.  Just don’t be too effusive in your praise.  Those tykes might offer to autograph it and sell it to you, for a profit.

“The Got-You-Where-I-Want-You Gift”

4.  The “Got You Where I Want You Gift” – This is the OSIM uAstro Zero-Gravity Massage Chair.  Now some folks might think it looks really relaxing.  I don’t know.  I’m thinking that wife looks pretty smug walking past her hubby, who is immobilized in the chair.  She’s probably thinking, “Yeah, now I can head out  to the stores and he’ll be in that thing until I get home.”

It is supposed to be quite a luxury item.  However, when I look at it, it looks like an instrument of torture, like the Iron Maiden.  You’d have to drug me to get me in that thing.  It can be yours for a mere $3,293.

“The Taking-Out-Aggression Gift”

5.  The “Taking Out Aggression Gift” – I have to tell you, I LIKE this gift.  I saw it the other day at our local Staples and I almost got it for my son-in-law.  I would have, too, if I hadn’t already finished my Christmas shopping for him.  This little baby is the USB Desktop Missile Launcher.  You basically plug it into your computer’s USB port and then you can shoot foam missiles at targets up to 25 feet away.  Not only that, you can also do this remotely via Skype and MSN messaging.  You don’t even have to be in the same room.   If you really want to have some fun, add the optional sound effects and WHEE!  You’ve got your own miniature Gatling Gun, primed and ready to terrorize the cats and family.  I want one!

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