Voting Your Faith in the Election

Someone sent me a link today to a post that asked if it was a sin to vote Democrat in this upcoming election.  Wow, that kind of set me back.  If you follow that logic, then you must reach the inevitable conclusion that it is a sin to be a Democrat.  Now, I’ll be upfront with you.  I’m NOT a Democrat.  Half the time, I don’t feel like I’m a Republican either.  I prefer to think of myself as an Independent when I go to the polls, which gives me the latitude to make voting decisions that I feel will best impact our country irregardless of which political party a candidate belongs to.  I’m also a sinner.  I happen to believe that we all are.  Therefore, I can’t see the validity of casting stones based on your political bent.

The 2012 presidential campaign has been a nasty one.  When I think about it, though, has it been any nastier than other recent national elections?  I’m not sure.  I DO know that I’ve cringed many times in the last few months as I’ve read Facebook posts from my friends on both sides of the national debate.  As I’ve looked at their political cartoons or read the titles to links they’ve posted, what has come to my mind over and over again has been the image of Jesus crouched down and drawing in the sand when faced with an angry mob wanting retribution against a sinner.  (John 8: 2-11)  Do we meet the qualification to “cast the first stone” against those who are holding opposing viewpoints?  I know that there are sincere Christians on both sides of the campaign.  How can we hold a reasoned debate when dodging “stones?”

I don’t have any great insights.  I can only tell you what I do in these elections.  I look at the main issues and try to see them through the lens that is Jesus.  He’s the form that God chose to reveal Himself to us on earth in a way that we could comprehend and emulate.  How can I best vote in a way that is pleasing to the Author of my faith?  For all the other stuff, like voting to put in new water mains, etc., I use my common sense.  God gave me my mind and I try to use it.

Does that make me someone with the Divine upper hand?  Heavens, no!  Does that make me a sinner?  See the first paragraph.  I already am one, remember?  Does that make me someone who is trying to do my best to be a responsible citizen while still staying true to my Faith?  I sure hope so.

Whatever your political persuasion is, please DO get out to vote on Election Day.  It’s a right and a privilege that many people around the world do not have.  While you are at the polls, take a moment to shake the hands of the candidates standing outside the polls and smile at the election workers.  It’s going to be a long day.  We could all use some extra sunshine.



  • karyn

    well made point, Dee. Isn’t it funny how we manage to justify our political views with our religion? But that’s been done for a very long time – in the middle ages, the king was thought to be divinely appointed. In ancient Rome/Egypt, the king WAS divine. Too bad we haven’t grown from those viewpoints. Even I (who does not read news and does not have a TV signal) have seen the fanaticism some people have when discussing the candidates, speaking as if they are GOD (for opposite reasons). Hard to make a reasonable decision when your reason is clouded by worship of the candidate (or political party). I hope there are lots of Americans like you, Dee.

  • Great post Mom!

  • Ann Byrne

    If we follow Jesus’ example, we would feed the poor and heal the sick. I’ve made my choice on that basis.

    • booklassie

      Excellent, Ann.


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