Visiting an Outdoorsman’s Shrine

We were down in the Bethlehem, PA area over the weekend and on our way back, we had to drive right past the big Cabela’s store.  Apparently, this is quite the place to go if you are any type of sportsman or hunter or gun enthusiast.  We fall into none of those categories but we DO have a son-in-law who falls into all of those categories.  So we looked at each other and said, “You know, we really should at least stop and say that we walked through the place.”

There were actually lots of things to look at there including this huge man-made mountain in the middle of the store.  It had different animals posed on all sides of it.  Here are the mountain goats.

I think these are musk-oxen being threatened by Arctic foxes but don’t quote me on that.  It was impressive, at any rate.

I think these are grizzlies eating a freshly-killed moose.  Just the kind of thing you want to have little Johnny or Jill gazing at, right?  I’m not too sure it would have given me a warm, fuzzy feeling as a kid.

We made sure to snap pictures of each of us posing in front of the store and then we emailed them to our son-in-law and daughter.  Yesterday, our daughter called and said, “What were you and Dad doing at Cabelas?”

“Actually,” I replied, “I found quite a few things that I liked there.  I even bought two shirts.  I couldn’t talk him into getting a camouflage pacifier for Mika though.”

Speaking of Mika, look at the concentration on that little cutie’s face as she “reads” her book.  I think we’re going to have another book lover in the family.  We had a chance to Skype with them when we returned from Bethlehem and had fun watching Mika crawl around on the bed and read books.

When Mika gets fussy, she loves to be dangled upside down in front of the camera.  Look at the chompers on that little one.  She already has 6 teeth and now has two more coming in.  Not only is she a “hair prodigy” but I think she is also a “tooth prodigy.”

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