View From the Kettle

What a dreary morning it is!  This is the view from our kitchen window as Hurricane Sandy begins to make her presence felt.  The house is so dark that I feel like I should be heading up to bed instead of preparing to face the day.  It’s gray and rainy outside.  Inside we have gathered all the candles we can find and all of our supply of flashlights and put them on the kitchen table so that we can easily grab them if the power goes out.  We have a drawer filled with lots of batteries so we aren’t worried about running out of “juice” in case a flashlight goes out.

I just heard a commotion outside and glanced out the window to see the township leaf vacuum truck going past.  It’s making the rounds in our neighborhood in a last-ditch effort to gather leaves from the storm drains in preparation for the heavier rains that are coming.

We took the birdbath from the fenced-in part of our yard and stuck it back in the garage.  I think that everything else that could blow away has been taken inside.  Now we wait.  We’ve BEEN waiting since late last week.  Many stores have bare shelves where water, bread, and other staples once sat.  Propane can’t be found anywhere.  I know of one friend who traveled to Ohio this weekend to purchase a generator because they are all sold out in this area.  It just seems like we’ve been waiting for an awfully long time for this storm.

It is creeping in here so slowly that it is hard to believe all the dire predictions of the media.  We’ve had several days of just overcast skies.  Then yesterday we had a bit of drizzle.  Today it is dark but we’ve just had some steady rain off and on.  Now and then the wind picks up but so far, it is just dreary.  I’m thinking it must be how things appeared to that proverbial frog in the kettle before he realized that he was in a heap of trouble.

I’d rather be over-prepared than caught unprepared.  I guess it goes back to all of those years spent in the Girl Scouts (and all those times spent listening to my mum reading the Ant and the Grasshopper fable to me).  I think I’m ready.  Now, my friends, I’m heading downstairs to continue working on my Inspira Cowl as I watch some back episodes we  recorded via our cable service.  Just an aside, how DOES one describe that nowadays?  We no longer record TV episodes on DVD.  It is all done internally via our Verizon Fios network.  But when I am telling someone about watching a previously aired show, I say that I am going to watch a DVD’d show.  And I’m not talking about the TV shows “On Demand.”  That’s a horse of another color.  These are shows that WE decided to “record” and watch later.  Oh well, it’s something to mull over while I knit and wait to see if we lose power.  Stay dry, my friends.

ADDENDUM: The Commander just called from work to tell me that it wasn’t bad outside and, if I wanted to get out, now might be the time to do so.  My first thought was, “Oh, this might be the time to go over to DQ and get a Blizzard, eh?” Priorities, right?


  • Jason Porterfield

    Are you back from DQ? A blizzard before the potential blizzard, eh?

    • booklassie

      I WAS tempted to go out for one but when I looked out the window, it was blowing and raining hard here so decided to stay put. Things must be calmer over the Navy base.

  • karyn

    I don’t envy your waiting! But being warned ahead of time and being able to be prepared beats the destructive storms we get – tornadoes have little, if any warning. And blizzards? – well, if we lost power in a blizzard for more than ‘a few’ hours, we’d be dead. Maybe we just automatically ‘stock up’ during the winter – just in case we get snowed in.


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