Vampire Eyes

Blonde Eyes

Blonde Eyes

I have the type of eyes that only feel truly comfortable in the nighttime.  I was joking around with my hubby the other day and told him that I must have “vampire eyes” because they dislike sunlight.  I even wear sunglasses on dark, rainy days.

My eye doctor told me one time that I have “blonde eyes.”  I thought she was kidding.  Was it a blonde joke?  No, turned out she was telling me that I have a type of eye that is inherited from folks of Scandinavian descent.    Apparently, if you have “blonde eyes”, you lack a certain amount of pigmentation and it makes your eyes very clear.  That’s good news for your eye doctor because it means they can easily see around in there when they are examining your eyes.  It’s bad news for you because it hurts like the dickens to have to keep your eyes open when the eye doctor is shining that bright light into your pupils.  “Blonde eyes” can also make you susceptible to certain eye conditions because you have less melanin to protect them when out in bright light.

Oh, those hazel eyes!

Oh, those hazel eyes!

Blue eyes are getting rarer.  It’s estimated that only 1 in 6 kids are born with blue eyes in the U.S. these days.  So if you have blue eyes, blink them with pride.  In my case, my eyes are more hazel.  Hazel eyes are a rarity.  They often have one color around the pupil and another around the outer edge of your iris.  I’ve always had a brown ring around my pupil with blue on the outside.  My brother has the same kind of eyes.  I think my dad had them, too.  Apparently, it’s caused by a recessive gene passed on by both parents.  My mom had brown eyes so maybe she carried the gene but she definitely didn’t have hazel eyes.  If you have hazel eyes, bat those eyes with pride.

The bottom line for “blonde eyes” is that sunlight can be a real nuisance and I don’t go anywhere without my sunglasses.  If you see me in a restaurant, I’m usually the one sitting in a dark corner, away from the windows.  Waitresses always seem to think that you want a window seat.  Wrong!  I politely request to be seated away from windows or else I’m the one who is wrestling the blinds down, annoying the heck out of the other diners.

I haven’t resorted to only coming out at night yet nor do I sleep in a coffin during the day.  I wear my “old-fogey” sunglasses gratefully because they let me function without getting migraines or having my eyes water uncontrollably.  Just save a spot in a cozy, dark corner for me and I’ll be good to go.





  • Jackie Beechner-Scallan

    My paternal grandfather, my father, my baby brother, and his son (my nephew) have blue eyes that would put Paul Newman’s to shame. My mother, the older of my two brothers, and I have hazel eyes. I used to think to myself as a child, “I really wish I had pretty blue eyes like Grandpa, Dad and J…. my eyes are ugly old brown…” It was not until I read the book “Mrs Mike” in middle school that I realized that hazel eyes are special. I went straight to a mirror, and realized that I actually have eyes that are three different colors all in one! Weirdest part of all is, when I cry, they turn emerald green… Oh, and by the way? The brother that has hazel eyes? He has 3 children by his ex-wife, who is blonde and blue-eyed… and his oldest daughter has a brown eye and a blue eye…. go figure! 🙂

    • booklassie

      Jackie, I think having eyes that change colors is about as special as it gets. My son (a hazel-eyed boy like his mom) and his wife (brilliant blue eyes) have two children with eyes as blue as Paul Newman’s. So our gene pool has, at least, contributed to those 1 in 6 stats in the last few years. LOL! Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.


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