The Train is in the Station

Making the train

Come on, Nana….hop on board.


While Mommy was away at work today, Nana decided to mop the kitchen floor.  Little Spud helped man the mop after we moved the kitchen chairs into the living room area.  I thought it would be fun to make a train out of the chairs while we waited for the floor to dry so that is exactly what we did.

What's happening

I’m thinking this train needs something, Nana.


I squeezed into the chair behind Sweet Pea and we looked at each other through the back of the chair.  I could tell that her little wheels were turning and they weren’t entirely the train wheels.



I think we forgot someone, Nana.  I think we should stop at the station and pick up my brother.


Luke on Train

Let’s get this train moving.


Little Spud was quite happy to bring up the rear in the caboose.  He crawled up on his chair and waited patiently for the train to leave the station.



Silly Nana!  We forgot one more person.  We have to pick up Papa.  We’d better stop the train again.

Grandpa on Train

Can I blow the whistle, Nana?


I think Papa doesn’t know if he is coming or going.  Maybe we should have turned his “car” around so he was going in the right direction.

Pretzel Girl

These are better snacks than the ones you get on airplanes.


Traveling is hard work and it makes a passenger hungry.  Our little engineer decided that Nana, the conductor needed to hop off the train and pick up some pretzels for everyone.

Luke and pretzels


Oh, oh…..aren’t these free, Nana Conductor?  I didn’t bring my piggy bank.  They ARE free?  Oh, boy!  Can I have another one, please?

Isn’t it amazing how simple things found around the house can provide so much enjoyment for little ones (and for big people, too)?


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