Toto’s DNA Test Results

So What IS Toto?

So What IS Toto?

As I mentioned in an earlier blog post, I received a Wisdom Panel Dog DNA Test kit (the Wisdom Panel 2.0 test) for Christmas from my daughter and son-in-law.  I’d been wanting one for quite some time, ever since I had read about it on a dog blogger’s website and then started researching it more.  The idea that I might be able to find out what breeds comprised my rescue dog’s heritage was something that I just couldn’t pass up.

My Bone

Well, the results are in.  When I adopted Toto, the rescue group had her listed as a “Shih Tzu” mix.  I had thought over time that she might have some Pug in her or perhaps some Norwich Terrier or Cairn Terrier.  Drum roll, please!

Toto on SunporchLittle Toto’s parentage is:

Purebred Pug on one side of her family tree and on the other side, it’s mainly Cardigan Welsh Corgi mated to a Whippet/Mixed breed dog.

Wisdom Panel gives you a breakdown of the 5 most likely breeds that statistically match your dog’s DNA for the Mixed breed part of the DNA, if some of the results come back with just “mixed breed.”  In Toto’s case, here are the 5 breeds, going from the highest statistical match to the lowest of the top 5:  Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Belgian Tervuren, French Bulldog, Pharaoh Hound, and Irish Wolfhound.

Check me out!

Check me out!

Let’s look at Toto more closely now, in light of her DNA results.  Her tail shape, coat coloring, and ear shape are certainly in line with a Pug.  She has the little black button nose and what I like to call “old-man, world-weary eyes” that Pugs often possess.   She has no snout to speak of so her face tends more toward the brachycephalic or “smashed in” face dog breeds.  She has a compact little body that tends toward stoutness.

Where do the variables come from, though?  Well, she has a longer wavy coat and that could be from her Corgi side but I’m not sure where the curliness comes from.  Curly coats are considered a “fault” in Corgi breeds and you sure don’t find curls on a Pug or the bull terriers.  Curls aren’t desirable in a Tervuren and Whippet’s and Pharaoh Hounds have short, straight coats.  Perhaps there is some curliness from the Irish Wolfhound?

Speaking of coats, she has silver highlights on her ears and there is subtle silver tipping on her coat in places.  This definitely could come from the Corgi.  She also has a tendency to have a bit of a ruff around her neckline and that probably comes from her Corgi DNA.

Other Corgi traits?  Toto loves to “herd” me around the house by bumping my leg with her nose in the general direction that she wants me to go until I am where she wants me.  Both the Cardigan Welsh Corgi and the Belgian Tervuren have been used as herding dogs.  She also has stocky little legs that seem to be a close blend of the Pug and Corgi mix.

Is This my Best Side?

Is This my Best Side?

I’m so thrilled that I went ahead and did the DNA test for Toto.  I can’t wait to let our vet know  the results.  As she predicted, we were in for a surprise.  Oh, and let me just say this.  I did a search of “pug corgi mix” on Google Images and those are some UGLY dogs.  Thank goodness that in the big DNA dust-up known as “mixed breeds”, little Toto won the cuteness pool.



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