Toto the Terrific Rescue Dog



Do you ever wonder what draws us to certain types of dogs?  I know some folks who are strictly one-breed people.  They only “go” for a particular breed of dog.  Others are drawn to a particular size of dog or color of dog.  I’ve always gone with dogs bred for a certain function – herding dogs, with the exception of Fresca the Wonder Dog.  She was our American Eskimo, a breed that can trace its development back thousands of years.  The breed’s close association with people over the years make these dogs excellent companion dogs and watchdogs.  I’m sure there was some herding in there as well.

So what in the world drew me to my little Toto?  Well, outside of the fact that she is cute as the dickens, she doesn’t resemble any of my previous Shetland Sheepdogs or my Eskie.  Yet there was just something about that little face that  sucked me right in when I was looking at pictures of available rescue dogs (when I should have been digitally scrapbooking on my recent scrapbooking retreat, I must confess).


I think it all goes back to my childhood.  I had a stuffed dog toy that I absolutely loved.  I called it “Poochie.”  It went everywhere with me.  When you squeezed him, he squeaked little squeaky barks.  I was reminded of this tonight when Toto dashed outside into the dog yard to do her business and saw the neighbor dogs outside.  She started barking at them with her “I see you guys” barks coming out as little squeaks…..just like Poochie.

Of course it is also possible that she and I were just meant to be together.  I’m sure thankful for friends who encouraged me to submit my application to adopt Toto the Terrific.  I’m forever grateful to the 2nd chance 4 Life Rescue Group for rescuing this little dog and placing her with a loving foster family until I found her.  Last but not least, I’m sure thankful for the Commander (and I’m NOT telling you HIS nickname) who agreed to open up our home to another four-legged family member.


Toto doesn’t have those same long ears that Poochie had but she has the same soft, curly coat and is just as squeezably soft and cuddly.  I just adore her.  Which brings me to the conundrum of what nickname to attach to my little rescue girl.  I always referred to our Fresca as “Fresca the Wonder Dog” in my blog.  I could call our new girl “Toto the Rescue Dog” but somehow that just doesn’t do her justice. It makes her sound like a victim.  She may have been a victim of a rotten past but that is behind her now.  I think she should be referred to as “Toto the Terrific.”  What do you think?



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