Toddler Gardening

Yesterday Laura and the children decided to do some planting in their small raised bed garden in the backyard.  Off they went with seed packets in hand and along I came with camera in hand to document the mayhem  fun.

The first few rows of seeds went in smoothly as Laura explained what she was doing to the children.  I think Sweet Pea grasped it but Spud was having more fun treating the garden as his personal sandbox.

As the planting progressed, I noticed that the children were scooping up handfuls of dirt and arranging it along the edges of the garden frame.  Then the stuffed animals were assigned “guard duty.”

Soon Sweet Pea was taking big clumps out of the newly-planted areas and putting them in her little containers.  Hmmm, wonder how many seeds were remaining in the dirt.

When it was time to water our new garden, it was also time to hose down the children.  Little Spud was quite happy to put his face to the spray.

Sweet Pea brought over some of her “personal garden” to be watered.

Time to get that hose on both of the children.  Problem was that as fast as we hosed them down, they’d reach down to pick up more of the garden dirt which was getting soupier by the minute.

After a few more attempts to clean off their hands (and the rest of them) before bringing them out of the garden patch, Mom gave up and brought them over the edge and set them down for some serious hosing down.

That worked for Sweet Pea but Spud was sitting down in the mud puddles as we’d hose off his sister.  You see where this is going, don’t you?  They finally had to be whisked straight out of their muddy outfits and into the house and to the bathroom where they were cleaned off in short order.

Laura and I are wondering what, if anything, will sprout before I head back home.  Even if nothing comes up, it was certainly an entertaining way to spend the afternoon.

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Hot Flashed Funk

  • Just the fact that you can plant a garden in September and hope for some sprouting leaves me amazed.

    Looks like a lot of fun – for everyone!


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