To Auction, To Auction

Well, when you’ve been working for hours and hours doing nothing but cataloging things for auction up on Ebay and on Amazon, you don’t have a lot of time to blog so I’m kind of reduced to showing you some of the fun things we’ve been finding in the tubs we brought from Mom’s house and stored for years.  How about this blue straw hat?

Remember the stories about the French schoolgirl Madeline?  I keep thinking that this is the type of hat she would be wearing.

Now here’s a stylish little number.  You can have your flowers AND your feathers, too.  I can just imagine my mom wearing this to church, back in the day when ladies all wore hats to church. 

But it hasn’t all been hats.  We found some toys today and put a few of them up on Ebay.  This little guy is called Merlin the Magical Mouse.  I had no idea.  He must have been my brother’s toy.

I DO remember Speedy Gonzalez.  Somebody is going to give this little guy a new home.  Funny the things that delineate our lives, isn’t it?  Well, this is only the tip of the iceberg, believe me.  In case you want to follow our trail of nostalgia on Ebay, this link will get you to the red velvet hat I blogged about yesterday and then you can click on the link from there that says “See other items.”  In the meantime, I’m off to work on some more listings. 

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