‘Tis a Puzzlement!

Recently our son got one of those sets of brainteaser wooden puzzles that drive you crazy.  Well, it drives MOST people crazy but not our son. He is one of those folks who is a whiz at figuring out those type of things. His sister knows this about him and also knows that he can’t rest until he works out a solution to puzzles.  I guess that’s why she “gifted” him with this latest set of brainteasers.  Sibling torture, anyone?

Little Sweet Pea decided that she was going to help her daddy solve the puzzle.  Who wouldn’t want a two-year-old’s help, right?

“No, no, Daddy..I think this needs to go in THAT little slot right there.”

“Oh, no…wait! Maybe we should put them all together in a line and play ‘choo-choo train’ with the pieces.”

“Mika, how did you get these two pieces stuck together like this?”

“Ok, we’ll just play choo-choo train this morning while Daddy thinks about the PERFECT gift to get your Aunt Laura.  Heh, heh, heh!”

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