Tinkle, Tinkle…..What a Star!

We’ve been hoping that Sweet Pea would show some renewed interest in potty training while I was visiting and so we’ve really been talking up using the potty to her.  Her mommy has brought out the M & M dispenser and explained how she’ll get one M & M if she sits on the potty and TWO if she actually does something in the potty.  We’ve read potty stories to her.  You’d be amazed by some of them.  One actually has different animals wearing diapers that you can flip down and examine what their various poo looks like.  Gee, the things I’ve been missing out on, eh?

Well, today Sweet Pea came out of the bedroom in a little dress and no diaper and decided she wanted to sit on the pot.  Mommy sat down beside her and read her story after story.  We really weren’t expecting anything to happen.  I even shared my secret to success with her…..cover your ears and count to four.  It always worked for me in summer camp at least.

Lo and behold, when she stood up, she had tinkled in the potty.  We whooped and hollered like crazed people.  We clapped and sang happy “pee-pee” songs.  We decided to have a parade down to the bathroom to empty the potty into the toilet.

We let Sweet Pea do the honors of flushing everything down the drain.  Whee!  It was a moment of sheer jubilation.  Maybe this was the start of something big.

Five minutes later, Sweet Pea came up to me at the breakfast table as I was eating my Cheerios.  We were chatting and suddenly she got this horrified look on her face.  She looked down and I looked down and golly, if she wasn’t tinkling right there on the floor and it was a gusher.  Mommy ran for a towel to wipe things up, I lifted our little toddler up and told her not to worry and headed back to her room and the changing table with her where we got her back in a diaper and got her wiped off.  

Success!  Sometimes it’s a fleeting thing.  In the game of potty training, you win some and you lose some but I STILL think it was a red-letter day.

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Hot Flashed Funk

  • It’s a start, for sure! All of a sudden, she’ll ‘get it’ and no more diapers!


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