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We had fun Skyping with our family overseas yesterday and look who is doing some walking?  Little Mika is now walking around while just holding onto someone with one hand.  She also has 4 teeth on top now and two on the bottom.  I can report that she continues to be a “hair prodigy” at 9 months old with hair that is long enough to braid now, if only she would hold still long enough.

I got such a kick out of Mika’s antics.  At one point, they put her up on her daddy’s shoulders.  She first tried to use her daddy’s head as a drum, beating away on it enthusiastically.  Then she leaned over and gave him a good nip on the top of his head, after which she looked up with a big grin.  What a little monkey!  Sorry that these pictures are so blurry but I have to capture them via Skype and that’s how they come out.

Anyway, on to another subject.  One of my blogging friends recently answered some questions on her blog and I thought it would be fun to participate over on my blog by answering the same questions.  It’s always fun to see how folks answer some of these questions.  Here goes:

1.  What was the first meal you ever prepared?  The first meal I prepared was a meal of Russian dishes.  I can’t remember all of the recipes I attempted but I do remember that the main one was a boiled dough concoction wrapped around a cherry inside.  Frankly, it was horrible.  I was going through my “Rudolf Nureyev” period when I was crushing on the dancer back in the 60’s and on all things Russian, hence the Russian food.  My dad went back for 3 helpings and raved about how wonderful it was.  I thought he was nuts but realized some years later that it was his way of saying how much he loved me.

2.  What is your favorite worship song?  I love “Sing Your Praise to the Lord” – the arrangement done by Amy Grant on her album “The Collection.”  I can remember playing that audiocassette over and over back when we lived in the Big Sur area as the kids and I would drive up along the coast to Monterey.  I’d be singing along with Amy at the top of my lungs and directing the music one-handed during the instrumental parts.  It just never fails to give me goosebumps.

3.  If you could do any occupation, what would it be?  I don’t think I could limit it to one choice.  I’d probably be a writer, a meteorologist working as a weather girl on TV, and I think it would be fun to work on the ground control team for NASA space flights.

4.  What is your favorite flower?  That’s easy.  It’s Blue Gentian.  I love that flower, which is actually more of a wildflower, because it is what grew wild out on our farm in the pastures.  I’d pick it as a kid and bring a handful back to the house where we’d put it in a vase.  Whenever I see Blue Gentian growing alongside the road, I’m instantly transported back to the farm.

5.  Would you rather wear one pair of shoes all the time and switch purses, or only carry one purse and have different pairs of shoes?  I hardly ever change my purse so I’d have to go with different pairs of shoes.  Actually, I tend to find a pair of shoes that I find comfortable and then buy multiple pairs of that style in different colors so I guess you could say that I wear one pair of shoes and use one purse, for all intents and purposes.

6.  Name one fashion fad you hope never comes back.  Mini-skirts.  I didn’t have the legs for them back in the 60’s and I don’t have the legs for them now.

7.  Would you rather handwrite in cursive or print?  It’s faster for me to write in cursive so I’d have to say I’d rather use cursive but I’m also a good printer.  My mom was a 3rd grade teacher so she made sure I knew how to print very well.

8.  Would you rather see a bestselling movie or read the book? I want it all.  I either read a book first and then have to see the movie, if one is made from the book OR I see the movie and then have to read the book, if I find out the movie was based on a book.

9.  What is your favorite movie and why?  It has to be “Noises Off.”  It is just such a comedy of errors… a Shakespearean farce.    I find it particularly appealing because of my theatre background.  It truly pokes fun at theatrical people but in a way that has you laughing hysterically.

Nine is a good number so I think I’ll stop at that.  If you want to join in the fun, why not blog your own answers on your blog?    

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Hot Flashed Funk

  • Thanks for participating, Dee!

    Your comment on mini skirts made me realize another fashion ‘fad’ that should NEVER reappear…….
    HotPants. *shudder* Even Susan Dey of the Partrige Family couldn’t make hot pants look nice. And she had the legs for them!


    I always enjoy seeing the photos of Mika via Skype…..she is growing so fast!


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