The Simplest of Toys

Are you still reeling from the money you spent for gifts this Christmas season?  Have your little darlings already cast aside the expensive toys you purchased and are now complaining that they’re bored?  You know, sometimes it is the simplest of things that make the best toys.

Maybe I can wear this as a hat.

I was reminded of this today when little Sweet Pea grabbed an old Easter basket from last year and spent the next 1/2 hour playing happily with it.

Where am I, Nana?

She wore it on her head as a hat and tried mighty hard to hide in it and then scare us by shouting, “Boo.”

Maybe I can think of some way to get the dogs to play with me.

She tried very hard to enlist the dogs, including Schatze, who was visiting us for the day, in her basket play.

She tried to get Schatze to line up behind her and then parade around the room.  Schatze wasn’t too sure that she wanted to do this and kept trying to wander off.

No, I’m supposed to be the leader!

It was quite entertaining watching Sweet Pea try to herd Schatze into position for her “parade.”

Left, Right, Left…..

She finally mustered the troops successfully and marched around the room until…..

Schatze snuck around Sweet Pea and made her bid to become the leader of the pack but Fresca, the Wonder Dog was all too happy to bring up the rear of the parade.

A few more parades and then a bit of “put the basket on PawPaw’s foot” and finally Sweet Pea was ready to move on to another game and toy.  Next Christmas we might just get her plastic bowls, baskets, and boxes and then sit back and watch the fun.

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Hot Flashed Funk

  • It’s true, often these are the best toys.


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