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I LOVE gadgets.  Can’t get enough of them, in fact.  So when I find gadgets that are really handy and useful, besides being all cute and clever, that makes it a win-win situation.  Let me tell you about two of my favorite sewing gadgets.

This morning I sat down to sew up the hem of a knit jacket I own.  Is it just me, or are you also finding that many garments these days have hems that seem to come loose after just a few wearings and/or washings?  That’s just an aside, but it’s twice in a week now that I’ve discovered a drooping hem on a fairly new outfit.  Anyway, back to my gadgets…..

Clover makes a little needle threader that is just the neatest little thing.  It’s the brown gizmo on the left.  I’ve included a link as this is still available.  On the right is a holder for two spools of thread that is made by June Tailor.

It has a little dowel on top of one end for a thimble, a slot on the other end to put a seam ripper, a magnet attached to the other end for needles, and then two dowels that can hold spools of your most frequently used thread.  I always keep a black and a white spool on there for quick mending jobs.  I picked up both of these items at a local sewing shop several years ago.  I’m not sure if the mini-spool holder is still available anywhere but if you happen across one, I’d highly recommend it.

The needle threader has a slot where you put your needle in (eye first).  Then you lay your thread across a little groove area to the left of the needle slot.  Once you’ve put the thread into this groove, you press down on a little lever.

It never fails to amaze me how easily the needle is threaded when you do this.  The gadget doesn’t exactly thread the needle completely at this point, however. 

It pops part of the thread through the eye of the needle….just enough for you to grab and pull the thread through.  Then, once you have enough thread on your needle, you just put the thread through the cutter groove on the threader and give it a little tug and the thread is cut.  You don’t even need scissors.  How handy is that?

Keep your eyes open for one of these threaders, if you are like me and hate struggling with threading needles, especially as our eyes get older more demanding.  Happy sewing/mending!

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Hot Flashed Funk

  • That’s what I need! (If I ever did any sewing or mending, that is) I used to be able to thread a needle easily, but it’s getting pretty near impossible to see that darn little eye anymore.


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