The Niblet Has Landed

We drove down to Baltimore on a rainy day and waited at the airport for the arrival of Laura and little Mika.  After the initial flurry of passengers had disembarked, down the hall came this little toddler, clutching her “baby.”  How great it was to see her face break out into a smile when she saw us.

After we claimed the bags and car seat, we got everyone loaded in the car and then braved the rush hour traffic to start home.  Mika wasn’t impressed with all the stop and go traffic, but once we whipped out this little cellphone, she was entertained for a few more minutes before noticing that we were still stuck in traffic.

Once we arrived at home, one of the first things she discovered was a baby stroller waiting for her along with several more babies to add to her family.  From that point on, Mika and the stroller were inseparable. 

After supper, we had a belated birthday celebration for Laura and Mika had some goldfish crackers.  Well, actually, Fresca the Wonder Dog had a bunch of the crackers as she followed Mika around the house, picking up whatever fell out of the box.

I guess you could call it payment for Mika’s cheeky takeover of Fresca’s doggie bed.  Yes, Mika crawled right into it and made herself right at home. 

She was obviously tired, because earlier she had wandered over to the couch and just leaned against it and put her head down on it.  I think she could have fallen asleep standing up.

Today we took Mika, the stroller, and her babies over to the nursing home to visit with Mom.  She was still in bed when we arrived, so we entertained ourselves in the lounge while we waited for her to be dressed.  Mika really enjoyed the piano.

I think she is looking like a real natural at the keyboard, don’t you?  Even Great-grandma Toots enjoyed our impromptu sing-along.

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Hot Flashed Funk

  • What fun! She is SO cute! How long are they staying with you?


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