The Name Game – Again!

Laura and Jason (with little Mika onboard)

 Since my daughter-in-law is expecting again, it’s been fun to come up with possible names.  Of course, I realize that Jason and Laura will choose the baby’s name ultimately.  But to pass the time, it has been fun to pass along names as I think of them or as I find nice names in my reading.

1.  One of the first lists I made was of names that I just already liked.  That was a no-brainer.  Names like Harmony, Austin, Liam, Aidan, Autumn, and Stefan.

2.  Then I polled the Commander.  I think he came up with Cassandra and Edward.  I dutifully passed them along.  I also polled my sister-in-law, whose opinion I value.  She contributed such names as Summer, she liked Stefan, and I think she contributed Cody although I’m starting to get a little fuzzy on who liked what.

3.  This morning, since I couldn’t sleep in thanks to these darn sinuses, I thought it might be fun to check out some place names.  Since Laura’s family is in Texas and our family is in Pennsylvania, I took out the atlas and looked at all the town names to see if I could come up with any inspiration from those.  I also widened the search a tad to include Michigan, Minnesota, and Ohio since our roots and relatives include those states.  Here’s what I came up with:  Avalon, Bryn, Devon, Shiloh, Addison, Blessing, Sierra, Trinity, Madeira, Amelia, Clare, Milan, Temperance, Dallas, Parker, Penndel, Bryson, Grayson, Joshua, Camden, Fraser, and Mason.

I’m automatically leaving off parental names since that can get a little sticky unless the kids are planning to have four children, two of each sex so that every parent can have a name represented.  Ha!

So what method did you use to pick your children’s names?  I find the whole process fascinating.

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Hot Flashed Funk

  • I’ve never thought of using an atlas for inspiration. I’ll have to pass that idea on to Kath…she was asking on Facebook for ideas for names. The names people put on there! Ho Boy! *shaking my head in amazement*

    When we were naming our babies, we pretty much stuck to classic names. Robert was named for his dad (his first name is James) and just because Jim liked the name Robert. Kathryn is actually named for me because the name Kathryn means the same as Karyn.

    Mostly, we chose names based on their meanings – although each child also has a family name as a middle name.

    We’re pretty conservative, I guess.


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