The Magical Musical Tour

My College Acting Days

My College Acting Days

I had to drop off some packages at the post office today and I had the Classic Vinyl station playing on my Sirius Radio.  Wow, talk about a trip down memory lane.  Three Dog Night’s “Mama Told Me Not to Come” is blaring on the way over and I’m back in college at a drama party.  An alumni is at our party who graduated the year before.  He was one of the big stars in our theater department and barely spoke two words to me when he was in school.  He cuts in on my dancing partner and soon the music shifts to a slow dance.

“Boy, have YOU changed,” he tells me.  “You were Little Miss Shy the last time I saw you.”

“Born to be Wild” comes on the radio and now I’m standing in front of my English classroom during my student teaching days.  The Easy Rider movie had just come out and I had the soundtrack album.  I thought it would be fun to bring it into class and play it for the kids and then we could have a discussion on how movies and music reflect current cultural events.  Unfortunately, I’d forgotten about one of the songs on the album which just happened to be blaring  out when the principal chose that moment to listen in over the intercom to my classroom.  “G___D____, The Pusher Man” was playing, I was mortified but wasn’t sure if I should stop the record or just soldier through it.  Suddenly I heard “Miss Loose, would you please come to the Principal’s office immediately!” over the intercom.   Lucy, I had some ‘plaining to do.

Driving back home, Steely Dan’s “Reelin’ in the Years” comes on.  I’m back in the Army, enjoying a nice date out with a sailor I’m dating in Broadcasting School.  He’s just looked at me and said, “I feel sorry for whoever marries you.”  What!  Who says something like that, especially when you’re having a great time.  He won’t clarify what he means.  That has haunted me ever since.  In my normally insecure moments, I think he must have meant that I’m a terrible person and whoever marries me is going to be sorry for the rest of their lives.  When I’m feeling confident, I figure he must have meant that I’m absolutely captivating and whoever marries me will find themselves besotted and under my spell forever.  Come to think of it, he does propose several months later so I guess he means it as a compliment.  I turn him down, though, because he’s already got orders halfway around the world to Guam and I’m heading off to Germany.

I arrive back home and turn off the radio.  There go my college and Army days.  Funny though, I still feel like I’m in my twenties.  And THAT’S the power of music.



  • karyn

    I LOVE a musical memory tour! Isn’t it amazing how a song can put you in a specific place and time?


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