The Horrible, Rotten, No-Good Day!

Today was quite the day.  Both of the kidlets were cranky and out-of-sorts.  Little Sweet Pea was NOT living up to her name.  Today she was more like a “sour pickle.”  Almost everything we suggested got a negative response or a whiny response or a crying response.  Nothing seemed able to please her.  At one point I asked her, “Is this opposite day?  Do your ‘no’s’ mean ‘yes’?”  “NO!” she screamed.  Okey-dokey!

Mommy had a little more luck on occasion with her “tickle-hand” therapy.  She’d say, “Here comes Mr. Hand-Man and he’s going to try to figure out where those whines are coming from.”  Soon Sweet Pea would be giggling.  Unfortunately, it wouldn’t last long.

Spud would take up the chorus where his sister would leave off so at one point Laura took them both out to the backyard with her while she hung up clothes.  Little Spud got to sit in the playpen outside.  I had to snap some pictures of him.  It looked like he was “doing time” in the pen.  Ha!

He rallied enough to give Nana a big smile.  The carrot he was chomping on could have also had something to do with his improved mood.  That boy likes to eat.

Speaking of eating, I thought you might enjoy this little video I shot of mealtime tonight.  You’ll hear Sweet Pea in the background fussing.  Mommy was “counting down” until time-out and Sweet Pea was correcting her on the count (adjusting it more to her liking).  I was trying to get Spud to say “Nana” and Sweet Pea again had to throw in her two cents.  Like I said,….nothing was pleasing her today.

Bless her heart, Laura’s mom brought over ice cream sundaes for the grownups later this evening after the children were in bed.  They were such a welcome treat after the day we had.  Here’s the clincher….
No. 1 son and I have kidlet duty tomorrow without Mommy in the morning while she heads off to the hospital to prepare for the 2nd year of her medical residency.  Let’s hope she doesn’t come home to find a white flag flying at the front door and all of us in a frazzled mess.  I hope they got it out of their system today.  One can hope, eh?

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