The Fickle Finger of Friday

Ah, Friday….You fickle thing, you.  Here I am, all set to describe five things that were highlights of my week and you end up throwing me a zinger. But more on that later.  I’m sorry to be so late in posting my Fave Five’s but today has been a busy day and I am just now getting to do some of my own things on my computer, which has been otherwise occupied for the majority of the day.  So let’s get to it, shall we?

1.  I arrived safely in Michigan to help my brother go through things from my mother’s home to list on Ebay.  Oy, I had no idea there were so many tubs of “stuff” still in his garage.  This is only a small portion of what we dragged into the house this morning.  He’s been storing it ever since we cleaned out Mom’s house to sell so I have to admit that it is high time to deal with it all.

2.  I spent HOURS checking out tubs of books on Amazon to see if they were worth listing them up there for sale.  This is the small portion that I ended up listing.  The rest will be donated to a local public library.   There are plenty of others that are very nice books but there is no sense in taking the time to list them when they are only selling for a penny up on Amazon.  Much better to let a library make some money from their sale.

 3.  I separated a stack of cookbooks that my mom acquired from who knows where and will list those on Ebay.  Yes, this has been my “Command Central” all day.  I think I need a booster chair.  I’m so shortwaisted, that the table comes to my mid-chest which means that my computer is up much too high and I have to have my neck tilted back to see with these bifocals.  My neck is so sore.

4.  To take a break from books, I opened up an old hat box and started photographing some of my mother’s old hats to list on Ebay.  Get a load of this classy bucket hat.  The ladies who act in the TV show “Mad Men” could wear this and fit right in.

Or how about this monstrosity?  Wear this and you might end up with a swarm of honeybees following you around.

My brother thinks this hat looks like you are wearing two black olives in the front.  I think you could paint eyeballs on each wooden bead and call it your “Daffy Duck” hat.

5.  Last, but not least, I got a Skype call from Jason, Laura, and Mika today.   They are settled in their temporary home in Jakarta now and Jason is just getting over a case of “traveler’s revenge.”  I guess in an attempt to be a sympathetic mother, I awoke this morning with the same type of thing so in between writing up auction descriptions, I was making mad dashes to the bathroom.  Oh, my!  Laura tells me that Mika is the hit of the area.  When they take buses around town, people are constantly snapping pictures of Mika on their cellphones.  In the slum, they scramble to hold her and call her “Doll” in Bahasa.  With such a sweet grin, I think she is simply irresistible.

That’s it for my Friday’s Fave Fives.  To read what others are writing, visit Living to Tell the Story.

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Hot Flashed Funk

  • What a lot of work — but I’m sure the library will appreciate it.

    I love the hats!!

    Sweet picture of Mika — of course, she’s a hit. What a doll!

    Hope you’re feeling better.

  • Aduh! ‘Boneka manis’ she is! The people in Bandung used to call my 2 yo daughter a doll too 🙂

    Those hats WILL sell on Ebay, I’m sure.

    Take a few knitting breaks to keep up your strength!

  • Oh, that last picture makes me smile.

    Wow, that is a lot of work but you’ll feel good when it’s all done. I donate my books to the library to raise money too. For the little that people are willing to pay for them in yard sales I’d rather they get the money too.

  • I love that first hat! I may go check out your E-bay auction if I can find it.

    It’s amazing that books only go for a penny on Amazon. I agree, donating is probably the better way to go.

    What a sweetie little Mika is!


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