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It’s been awhile since I last posted a Friday’s Fave Five list.  It’s been a little hectic here and I’ve not been carving out time to do this but I have missed my Friday time looking back over the week.  So let’s get on to my list for this week, shall we?

1.  Spending Valentine’s Day with my hubby. OK, technically I only got to spend the evening with the Commander but for awhile, it looked like I wasn’t even going to be able to do that.  I was SUPPOSED to be going to a diet group meeting.  At the last minute my two other friends bailed on me to stay home and I decided to surprise the Commander and have a lovely meal cooked and waiting for him when he got home.  I also FINALLY got this framed for him….pictures of his “three Lauras.”  That would be his daughter-in-law on the left, his mother in the middle, and his daughter on the right.

2.  Not having to fight weather like THIS this week.  This has been a great week weather-wise.  Yesterday, the temps got up to the mid-60’s.  Today it is supposed to get up to 70 degrees Fahrenheit.  I can’t wait.    I always feel so free when the weather warms and I no longer have to be burdened down with goosebumps and layers of clothing.  I actually went outside and trimmed the butterfly bushes, too, yesterday.  Nothing like warmth and sun to give a girl energy.

3.  More spinning time this week.  Today is our monthly spinning guild meeting and I’m about ready to head out to join the ladies.  Since the weather is supposed to be lovely, I’m thinking that I’ll probably find them all sitting on the porch with their wheels.  It’s a beautiful drive through the Pennsylvania countryside to get out to Mannings and I can’t wait to be out on those country roads.  The fact that I can kibbitz with friends for several hours, spin, and then browse the yarn and patterns at Mannings after spinning is an extra bonus.

4.  I’m making more progress on my Great American Aran Afghan.  I finished this square this week.  Isn’t that something?  I thought it looked really complicated in the book but my local yarn shop owner and the afghan class instructor told me that it really was pretty simple to knit up.  That was good because this was the square that the class worked on while I was in Indonesia so it meant that I had to do it completely by myself.  It DID turn out to be easy.  Yay!  And while I’m talking about the afghan class, a big “blessings” on Kathy, our instructor, who took the time to call me this week to remind me that our class was meeting and that they missed me.  I had forgotten to put it on the calendar and was sitting at home knitting.  I hightailed it over to the shop and got a good hour of knitting in with the group.  I thought that was so nice of her to give me a call.

5.  Last, but not least, we found out the sex of Mika’s sibling-to-be.  In case you didn’t know, Jason and Laura are expecting their second child in late July.  They just found out that the baby is going to be a boy.  Laura’s side of the family has had an unbroken string of 13 girls with no boys until now.  However, our side of the family has a long tradition of second children being boys.  We’re thrilled either way and especially that the baby is developing normally and doing well.  In fact, at Laura’s last exam, they were able to observe the little guy sucking away on his thumb in utero. 

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Hot Flashed Funk

  • Well I know if it’s starting to warm up your way it won’t be too long before it heads this way!! Although I don’t think we’ll see 70 for a while yet 🙂

    Your Afghan square is so lovely!!

    And congratulations on your new little grandboy coming. Exciting news!

    Happy weekend!

  • Glad you could join us this week. I love the Three Lauras picture. How special! I’m so glad to see 70 degrees too.

    I cannot imagine making that square. Very impressed. It’s beautiful. Congrats on finding out about the new grandSON.

  • Love the picture of Mika! What a sweetie.

    How exciting for Laura’s family to be getting a boy!

    If that is not your backyard, whose is it? That’s about as much snow as we’ve had, too.

    I’m not asking for 70 degrees, but tonights temperatures are brutal! Can I come stay with you for awhile?

  • How exciting, another grandbaby! Congratulations, Grandma!

    We had a breath of nice weather last week but now we’re right back to being socked into frigid cold and snow.

    Nice gift for your hubby!

  • Your link on mr. linky wasn’t working so I came here via your comment on my blog.

    Oh hurray for little boys!!!

    LOVE love LOVE that blue fiber!

    Oh, and welcome back to FFF…


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