The Count – It Is A’Rising!

Just had to share the good news that our daughter-in-law, Laura was released from the hospital  today.  Her blood platelet count started to rise yesterday from 60 up to 83 and today it shot up to 128.  Hooray!  The doctors had told her that if she had two days of consecutive rising platelet count results, then they could release her after this bout with Dengue Fever.    Praise the Lord!

Now Laura, Jason, and little Mika have gone to the apartment used by the team for rest and rejuvenation and retreat so she can rest and recuperate and start to get her strength back before they head back to their place in the slums.

I did want to show you something that I’ve never seen before but it’s got to be one of the neatest inventions.  Jason showed it to me on our last Skype visit.  He asked me what I thought it was and I guessed a tennis racket.  Well, no!  Turns out it is some type of electronic mosquito zapper.  You turn on a little switch and then wave it around and if it comes into contact with a mosquito, it fries it.  The hospital staff had noticed a mosquito in their hospital room so they brought in the “zapper” for Jason to have handy.  You see, if that mosquito should happen to bite Laura who has Dengue and then have gotten out into other hospital rooms, it could have bitten other patients and possibly transmitted Dengue Fever to those patients.  So they wanted the mosquito dead.

Not to be bloodthirsty, but I’ve got to get one of those.  In fact, I just ordered one for myself from Amazon.  Here’s a link to the one I ordered.  My son-in-law said they were selling zappers at Cabelas when they were over there yesterday, too.

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