The Cavalry Has Arrived!

The beginning of the new week, the beginning of our daughter-in-law’s taxing rotation schedule, and PawPaw has arrived!  Boy, am I happy about that.  With this cold that I’ve been battling for about a week now, I’m so wiped out that I can barely see straight, let alone keep up with two very active toddlers.  It was so nice to be able to collapse on one end of the couch and just listen to him reading to the little ones.

Spud was particularly delighted with pointing out the “dog” in the book to his PawPaw.  If you’ve never seen the children’s book, “Good Boy, Fergus!” by David Shannon, I’d highly recommend it.  It’s a very cute story of a little West Highland Terrier dog and his owner and it charmingly captures all the quirks that Westies are known for.

It was really fun to just watch the children interacting with their grandpa.  They haven’t seen him since April so they’ve changed a lot since that time.

After supper, one set of grandparents took little Spud to their house and we had Sweet Pea with us.  I made her a glass of her warm “chai” (it’s really just warmed up 2% milk with a tiny bit of Nestle’s cocoa powder added to it) and then she and PawPaw settled down to watch a short video featuring a sing-a-long with the 101 Dalmation family.  Let’s see if I can get this straight…the mom is Perdita and the dad is Pongo.  I already know the words to all the songs by heart.  Sweet Pea gets on a kick and wants to watch the same video over and over again.   Then it was time to head to the bedroom, have PawPaw read three books to her and say “goodnight.”

 This morning I was up bright and early, getting their lunches ready for preschool.  It’s “Mother’s Day Out” so it is a school morning and that means bags to pack and lunches to prepare.  It wasn’t terribly hard at all getting Sweet Pea ready, fed, and dressed.  I mentioned how much easier it seemed to be handling one child rather than two to her grandpa when he showed up with Spud to take them to school.  Maybe the trick is “Divide and Conquer.”  I’d give it more thought but I’d rather go take a nap.

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Hot Flashed Funk

  • So glad your man could come help out! (Looks like he didn’t ‘mind’ at all!)
    2 toddlers can be a handful, alright – and wear you out, even if you don’t have a cold.
    But why is it that our energy levels go down NOW when we so enjoy the little ones? Not fair.


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