That Steamy Painter



Have you ever had one of those days when you said something entirely innocent but it came out sounding anything but?  That happened to me today.  I had called up my doctor’s office this morning to make an appointment to have her check out some swelling issues I’m having with my feet.  Here’s how the conversation went.

“Do you have anything for tomorrow because today is a really bad day for me to fit anything more in.  I have a painter over here stripping,” I said.

“Excuse me?” said the receptionist.

Let me rephrase that!

Let me rephrase that!

“Oh, no…I don’t mean he’s STRIPPING.  He’s not taking off his clothes.  He’s taking off wallpaper,” I clarified.

“Well, you never know,” chuckled the receptionist.



“Although that would be kind of funny since it’s my birthday and I could say I got a ‘birthday suit’ for a present,” I continued.  “But really, it’s entirely above board.  We’re going to paint our kitchen so he has to strip the wallpaper first and why exactly did I call you,” I asked, all flustered now.  “Oh, yes….swelling.”


Hey, it’s my birthday.  I may be getting older but I’m still sharp as a tack.

  • karyn

    LOL. You crack me up, Dee!


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