Ten Signs That You’re a Happy Prius Owner

Oh, Happy Day!

Oh, Happy Day!

I’ve had my 2013 Prius-C for almost two months and I’m even more head-over-heels in love with it now than the day I drove it out of the Toyota showroom.  Yes, I am a happy Prius owner and I’m not ashamed to say it…and say it…and say it (well, you get the picture).  In fact, here are ten ways that you can spot more happy Prius owners.

1.  Satisfied Prius owners like to talk about their cars a lot.  I’ve had more than one friend tell me that I should be a Toyota spokesperson.  I just can’t help myself.  Happy hybrid car owners are like people who have “found religion.”  They just want to pass on the good news.  I post about my Prius up on Facebook so much that I can almost feel the virtual eye rolls from my friends when they see another one on my timeline page.

Look at that mpg!

Look at that mpg!

2.  Prius owners like to take pictures of their mpg display.  I admit it.  I often will snap a shot of a particularly good miles per gallon that I’ve achieved in the Prius-C and then send it off to my brother for bragging rights.

3.  Happy Prius owners often engage folks in conversation at the gas pumps, hoping they’ll be asked what kind of mileage they get.  Let’s face it…we love to gloat when we get mileage like ours.

4.  We lurk on the Prius owners’ forums looking for ways to get even better gas mileage.  There’s a whole group of hard-core Prius drivers out there who have made getting high miles-per-gallon their goal in life.  I was telling someone the other day that I can’t wait to get in the car each day to see if I can “top my score”.  It has become my own version of a favorite video game.

5.  We wave at other Prius owners that we pass on the road.  Of course, we usually aren’t passing that many people but it isn’t because we can’t do it.  It is because we are enjoying the ride (and trying to get that maximum fuel efficiency).  But if I see another Prius going in the other direction or stopped at a light beside me, I always give them a friendly wave.  We’re in a special fraternity of “green drivers.”

What a beauty!

What a beauty!

6.  We park far out in parking lots so that we have longer to admire our Prius cars as we walk back to them.

7.  Closely related to #6, we tend to take lots of pictures of our Prius vehicles.   They’re just so snazzy.  At least, my Prius-C is one fine-looking car.

8.  We text our family a lot, bragging about the mileage we are getting.

My little "Tigger."

My little “Tigger.”

9.  We find innovative ways to bring our Prius cars into the conversation.  I actually caught myself using my Prius and Prius driving techniques as a spiritual analogy in our Sunday School class this past Sunday.  OK, maybe that was a tad extreme but I swear, it was relevant!

It's HER fault!

It’s HER fault!

10.  Last, but not least, you know you’re a happy Prius owner if you are SO happy with your car that you convince a family member to buy one of their own.  Yup, when my brother drove my Prius out to Minnesota recently on our vacation together, he was so impressed with it, that he ended up buying one of his own on the trip back.

One is good, but two are better!

One is good, but two are better!

We ended up driving two Prius cars back home.  If you think one Prius owner is bad, wait until you are around two happy Prius owners.  We’re an outright public relations campaign.

Don’t take my word for it, though.  Go out and test drive your own Prius.  Then, when you trade in that gas hog for your new hybrid, keep an eye out for the little orange Prius-C and give me a wave.




  • John

    LOL. I stopped for pizza the other night and a HEMI Charger parked next to me. When I came out, the guy also came out who owned the HEMI. I told him I was going to buy a HEMI until I drove a Prius and did I mention that I get over 50 MPG? He kind of frowned and looked sad. He said he has to put premium in too. LMAO. I saw another guy who had a real sharp brand new Camaro. I told him I loved his car. He thanked me and then I told him I just filled up and got over 50 MPG. He looked real sad and told me he only gets 15 MPG AND he has to put premium in. Just recently I have gotten over 70 MPG two times driving to a party. I think I’m learning how to get it to go on the battery. They guy next to me has a Honda Civic Hybrid. I tell him my mileage and he says he doesn’t get that kind of mileage. Oh well. The Prius is the Bomb!

  • booklassie

    You’ve got that right! The Prius is the cream of the crop when it comes to hybrid cars.


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