Sweets for a Sweetie

 Yesterday we joined our daughter and son-in-law at Mom’s nursing home to have a small open house for her and to enjoy a meal with her.  This picture cracks me up.  We look like we are all alarmed about something that she is doing.  My pointer finger seems to have a mind of its own.  Actually, it was full of BBQ sauce between trying to eat my own BBQ ribs and feed Mom her BBQ ribs.

Here we are with our “party faces” on.  Laura must have said that she was going to do a “retake.”

Mom’s favorite food is BBQ ribs, something she really doesn’t get at the home since she is on a “soft” diet there.  But yesterday she was able to eat the meat off the bone to her heart’s content, even if a lot of it did end up in her lap or on her face.

Then it was time to open her presents.  Laura helped her read the cards.  The gifts had a certain theme to them……”sweets.”  Mom has a BIG sweet tooth and the majority of her gifts were candy.

She didn’t mind the abundance of candy at all and sampled a bit of all of it.

And sampled more of her “haul.”  
I got her some more books for us to read together since I figured that she had enough candy to last well into the Christmas season.
One of Mom’s long-time friends, Beverly, came over to join us for cake and punch and she just happened to have some more candy for Mom.  One time when Beverly had visited Mom, she asked Beverly, “Do you have any candy for me?”  It’s been a running joke ever since.
More sampling ensured.
Then it was time for some cake.  What the rest of the cake says is “You’re still a spring chicken.”  Mom got a kick out of that. 
I’m afraid that all that sugar put Mom into a sugar stupor so as the rest of us visited, Mom dozed in and out of the conversations around her.  But she perked back up as we got ready to leave.  It was a double blessing because she had been quite alert for the celebration and also didn’t have much trouble remember names and people, which was nice.  Happy 97th birthday, Mom!

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