Sweet Baby Jay

Twenty-eight years ago today, the Commander and I had just dropped off our daughter at a friend’s house and had continued on to Bethesda Naval Hospital where I was whisked off to the Maternity Ward.  They didn’t have time to even prep me because a certain little someone was pretty eager to come into this world.  That was fine with me because his sister had taken her sweet time and caused me 24 hours of hard labor in the hospital before deciding to make her appearance.

It wasn’t exactly 1-2-3, but more like 7-8-9 and then there he was.  The Commander, who had been supporting my head and shoulders in the delivery room dropped me (I remember this distinctly) and rushed down to the OTHER end of the gurney to shout jubilantly, “It’s a BOY!”

That little fellow stole my heart from Day One.  You couldn’t have asked for a sweeter baby.  Oh, sure.  He was stubborn at times and if he thought he was right, he could be almost unmovable.  But he was my fellow “feeler” in a family of “thinkers” and always ready with a hug or a kiss when I needed one.  When his sister had been born, I had to return to work six weeks later.  But when Jason was born, I was able to stay home with him.  What a joy!  He was my little shadow.  Following me around everywhere (usually talking non-stop) and I loved it.

My little boy became a man almost overnight and try as I might, I couldn’t keep him home forever.  I managed to delay the inevitable for awhile when he chose to go to college in our area and where I worked but even then I could see that he had the wanderlust (unfortunately, a family trait that he inherited from his mother).  There was a semester abroad and then came the announcement that we could sense was coming.  He felt God’s calling to full-time service.  That led to trips to faraway places in Asia and then to Vancouver, British Columbia.

With each departure, I’d give him the old “Mom” lecture.  “Now you be careful.  Don’t do anything stupid.  Watch what you eat.  If you get sick, for Pete’s sake, see a doctor.  Why can’t you go to some place normal, like Texas?”  And my own personal favorite – “Your dad and I are getting old. Who’s going to help us move the furniture when I get the urge to rearrange the house?”

Then he met a girl…someone with the same sense of calling that he had who was also making trips to faraway places to follow God’s call.  I should have disliked her instantly, sensing as I did that she would be another big punch in his ticket further away from us.  But how could I NOT love Laura?  She was so perfect for Jason.  God had created these two young people, put His desires in their hearts, and matched them up before they were born, I really believe.

Jason and Laura are married now and they are so right together, helpmates to each other in every way.  I thank God so much that we have Laura in our family and now, little Mikayla Joy.  But off they’ve gone again, thousands of miles away from us.

I don’t know where the road will lead Jason and his family over the next years.  I continue to pray that it will eventually lead closer to our family and Laura’s family but realize that this is not in my hands.  AND  I continue to stand by, ready to give my “Mom” lectures when they need one.

“Now you have a good birthday.  Don’t eat too much birthday cake.  Wash your hands before you eat.   Are you getting enough sleep?  You look a little tired on Skype.  Could I interest you in a nice job in Missoula?”


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Hot Flashed Funk

  • The picture of Jason in the blue outfit looks just like Mika!

  • It sounds like your sweet baby grew into a very sweet man. Best wishes to him and his family wherever life takes them!

  • Happy Birthday to Jason.

    I know it is hard to celebrate his birthday when he is so far away.


    BTW….love the Mom lecture photos! LOL


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