Sweater Weather in Houston

Sweater Shot

Do I have anything in my teeth, Nana?


We woke up this morning to weather in the 40’s here in Houston.  Ugh!  It was time to get out the sweaters.  Luckily little Sweet Pea had a new sweater that  Nana knit for her for Christmas.  We told her to “Smile” for the camera.  I think she inherited her “Grandma Toot’s Picture Smile.”  Ha!



We had a big day planned but first there was time to do some playing with kitties.

Cat Play


Sweet Pea brought out “Soft Kitty” and “Cuddle Kitty” and we had fun opening pretend presents.  PaPa was tickled about something in this picture.

Not Sure


Here, Mika, look at the camera again so Nana can get a snapshot of the front of the sweater on you, ok?

Not again

No more pictures, Nana!


Just one more shot?



Then Spud came over to join the play and Sweet Pea wasn’t too sure that she wanted to share her toys.  There was a bit of wrestling until things were smoothed over quickly enough.


Two proud grandpas and their grandkids


Then it was time to pile in the van and head over to a Mongolian BBQ for lunch and then off to see Les Miserables (the movie).  The children went home with their momma since we figured that they weren’t quite old enough to appreciate the movie.  I had seen the musical in London years ago so I knew it was going to be sad.  I brought plenty of kleenex with me and I needed it.  At the end of the movie, the moviegoers actually applauded.   I think they enjoyed it.

Well, tomorrow we are babysitting so I’d best get to bed.  Have to be fresh as a daisy in order to keep up with these two little dynamos.


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