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If you’re a man, you can probably skip today’s blog post unless you want to score some serious brownie points with your lady.  If you’re a woman, read on, Sister!  I don’t know about you, but I have had a terrible time finding lipstick that would last more than an hour or so.  I CERTAINLY couldn’t find anything that would last through a meal.  But all that has changed since I discovered “Super Stay 24 Color” by Maybelline.

Let me just say upfront that I have no affiliation with them nor do any of my family or relatives that I’m aware of.  I’m just a VERY happy customer.  I wouldn’t even be writing about this product if it weren’t for the prodding of a friend of mine.  You see, several weekends ago I was at a function and my friend came up to me and said, “What lipstick are you wearing?  It’s really lovely.”

I told her what it was and mentioned how I really liked the fact that this particular line of lipstick lasted a LONG time.  As I was giving her a glowing review of its virtues, she said, “You really need to blog about this because I’ll bet not many people have heard of it and women are always looking for lipstick that will last.”

This lipstick comes in quite a few shades.  It’s in a little two-ended tube.  One end has an applicator stick that applies the color.  The trick is that you must then wait a minute or two for it to dry.  It really only takes several minutes….about as long as it takes me to let the dog out to do her business before I am ready to head out the door.  THEN you pop off the cover on the other end of the tube and twist up the “chapstick-like” substance that you apply to your lips.  This gives them a lovely gloss.

It’s probably important to note that before you apply this final “gloss”, your lips will most likely feel tacky or sticky or dry to you.  Not to panic!  This completely goes away as soon as you complete Step #2.  Then go ahead and head out to enjoy your day, secure in the knowledge that you will have lovely-looking lips with color that you aren’t going to chew off or wipe off during dinner.  In fact, I’ve been using this lipstick for almost a year now and I still find myself startled at times when I glance in the mirror (no wisecracks, now) near the end of the day and notice that my lips still have a nice color to them.

When I’m ready to head to bed and taking my makeup off, I just wipe my lips with the makeup remover/skin cleanser wipe that I use on my face.  You could probably just get the same results with a wet washcloth or rub cold cream on them and wipe with a tissue.    Or heck, you could just go to bed looking like a siren.

I ran into my friend at church the other day.

“Did you get any of the lipstick,” I asked.

“I sure did,” she replied, “And so did my daughter.  We LOVE it.  We STILL can’t believe how long it lasts.”

Go forth and enjoy!

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Hot Flashed Funk

  • Oh, I hope this is available in Canada! Your friend is right – women everywhere want long-lasting lip color!


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