Staging the Final Christmas Push

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been busily working on finishing up my Christmas gifts.  I had to take a short detour to work on our annual Christmas letter.  Each year I wonder if I should reduce the number that I send out but then I look over my list and just don’t want to  cut anyone.

Our church sets up a little “mail box” in our church foyer each year for congregants to drop off Christmas greetings for each other.  We then donate the money we saved on postage to our denomination’s world missions offering.  The problem lies in the fact that it is hard to just give cards to a few in our church when we know so many.  I always feel that someone might feel left out or hurt that we didn’t include them.  Silly, I know, but I’m a “feeler,” what can I say?

Then I send cards to my mother’s friends and acquaintances in addition to my own relatives and friends.  When the final tally was taken this year, I sent out 148 Christmas newsletters.  For once, I didn’t bother with Christmas cards.  I just put in a newsletter of what our family had been up to in 2012 and included a family photo that I designed using my digital scrapbooking software.

Holiday Photo

I SO enjoy hearing what people have been doing over the year and I am always slightly disappointed when I just get a card with a signature.  I know that newsletters have gotten a “bum rap” over the years but I do try to always make mine as original and unique as possible.  Hopefully people don’t find them too boring.

Card 6

So I have finished my Christmas cards and they’ve either been delivered to church or put in the mail and now I’m on the last of the major Christmas projects…..making Christmas presents for all the staff who work on my mom’s wing of the nursing home.  I’m making card sets  for each one, using pictures of my mom from different stages of her life up to when she became a grandmother.  Oh, I might have snuck in a few pictures of my own toddler years and one of my children, too but they were classics.  I then did some tweaking of them in my scrapbooking software program, added some captions and am making greeting cards out of them, matting them and then mounting them on plain cards that I purchased separately.    I did something similar last year for the group and they really liked them.  The difference was that I didn’t include any sayings.  We’ll see if this year’s “collection” is as big a hit.  It is a big undertaking, though, because there are around 35 people to make these for and I try to work up about 6 cards per set.  Let’s see….doing the math, that means I have to make 210 cards.  Groan!

Guess I’d better get off the computer and back to work.  The “plus” to all of this is that I am getting to listen to lots of the podcasts that have been getting backlogged on my computer/smartphone.  What are your Christmas card traditions?


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