Solomon in All His Glory

I was able to put my Canon A480 up for sale on Amazon and sold it within a day.  Fantastic!  I’m sure it will be a great camera for someone else who doesn’t need the image stabilization feature but it sure was not for me.  Yesterday my new camera, the Canon PowerShot SD780IS arrived and I couldn’t wait to try it out.  What better way to give it a workout than to go for a walk around the block on a beautiful day?  So here’s a photo tour of our neighborhood in all its Spring splendor.  This is the white dogwood in our neighbor’s yard right across the street.  I usually start my walk by crossing over and heading up the hill.

Next house up has a lovely cherry tree in their front yard that is in full bloom.  Isn’t it gorgeous?

After I’d taken the shot of the cherry tree, I spotted these lovely tulips across the street so I sauntered over and snapped a shot of them.  They are a bit past their prime, as were most of the tulips I spotted on my walk but they are still adding some lovely color to the neighborhood.

While I was on that side of the street, I walked past this house with a lovely Easter Redbud tree in the front.  These gorgeous trees are all over our neighborhood and are just so beautiful against the bright green of the newly revived grass.

By this time I was at the end of our street and had the option of going into the little cul-de-sac where the subdivision builder’s home is or to turn and head down the hill.  I usually do the latter but I had to snap this tree first.  I don’t know what it is but I always enjoy the reddish leaves against the green grass and the graceful shape of these trees.

Of course, what goes “down” eventually has to come “up” and so it was time to start up the next street which is uphill.  I was rewarded with a shot of St. Francis in this front yard.

Several more houses up and there were these lovely tulips along the curb.  Don’t you just love the yellow “bulls-eyes” in the middle of these?

Right before I had made a complete circle and was ready to start back up my street, I discovered this charming bed of phlox.  I’ve never had much luck growing it but I sure appreciate those who do.

Time to start back up my street.  Our subdivision is quite hilly so you are either going up hills or coming down hills.  That last climb back up to my house gets the muscles going but it feels so good when I turn into my driveway.  This cherry tree against the blue sky was the reward I got as I rounded the bend in the road.

Here’s the view right as you round the curve before it’s time to cross over to my house.  There are flowering trees everywhere.

As I crossed the street, I had to snap shots of two more flowerbeds.  Here is another lovely set of phlox.  Just breathtaking!

My neighbor’s tulips are yellow mixed in with Paperwhites for a lovely Spring arrangement.

Now up my driveway and over to the side of the house so I can get a quick peek at the lilac bush which is sporting some new lilacs just starting to blossom.  Soon I’ll be smelling their fragrance.

And here we are at home.  Time to unlock the door and soothe Fresca, the Wonder Dog who is quite put out that I didn’t take her along for the walk.  I have to say that I’m very pleased with this little camera.  There wasn’t a blurry snapshot in the bunch and the colors are amazing.  Hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into my walking path on a sunny April day.

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Hot Flashed Funk

  • I have one of those small Canons SD 750 for probably 4 years now. I really like it. Without a class, I would have never figured it out. There are sooooo many options. I will try to update my blog today with the “neighborhood pic’s of spring.


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