No Slouch for a Cold Day

Man's Slouchy Hat

Man’s Slouchy Hat

I just finished my Charleston Hoodie Sweater although I haven’t blocked it yet or picked out buttons for it so I’m not ready to blog about it.  I needed another knitting project and I needed one quickly.  The Super Bowl game was going to start yesterday and I didn’t have anything on the needles.  Yikes!  I didn’t want to have to just sit there and actually watch the game.

Do you panic as much as I do when you find yourself with nothing on your needles?  I think it’s the knitter’s equivalent of the “walking around in public naked” nightmare.  Anyway, I pulled out a bunch of my knitting magazines and flipped through them until I located a hat pattern that I had seen earlier.  I had already bought yarn for the pattern so that part was taken care of.  The pattern was “Man’s Slouchy Hat” and it was in the Fall 2012 Noro Knitting Magazine.  I used two separate colors of Knitpicks Chroma Worsted Weight yarn and a #8 needle and contentedly cast on.

Ready to brave the cold winds of February.

Ready to brave the cold winds of February.

By this morning, I finished the last row and drew my yarn through the final stitches to close the gap.  Then all that was left to do was to weave in some loose ends and it was done.  It’s only in the 20’s here today so it was perfect timing to pull it on and head out the door to go visit my mom.  I can report that it kept my head nice and warm while being loose enough that I didn’t end up with major “hat head” hair at my destination.

On an entirely unrelated note, as I was driving over to visit my mom at the nursing home, I was listening to a story on my iPhone.  One of the characters mentions that they “shat kine”, then goes on to explain that it’s an old English term for “shitting a cow”, which in today’s terms would be something like “had a cow.”  I tell you this because as I was leaving the nursing home behind two nurses, we were buffeted with a blast of arctic air and one nurse let out a blue string of words worthy of a sailor.  When she noticed I was behind her, she apologized.  That was my cue to go into my “shat kine” story and I think we parted ways a bit warmer as we all enjoyed a good laugh.

Moral of the story?  If you are feeling cold, don’t have a cow.  Go knit a hat.


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