Maybe a Sleigh Would Have Been Better

Ah, holiday travel!  It used to be that you just piled in the car and headed off to Grandma’s house but now….holiday travel often involves several hours of travel down to an airport and then standing in long lines to get through security before waiting to board a plane that is filled to capacity for a long flight to see family.

We’re no exception.  In order to spend time with our Texas family,  off we headed to Baltimore, leaving plenty of time to get to the airport.  We anticipated lots of traffic on the highway.  There wasn’t.  Consequently we ended up arriving at BWI with about 3 hours to spare before our flight.  That’s ok.  Better to be early than late.

We settled in to do some reading and had just started to get into our stories when all of a sudden, the security alarms in the terminal started blasting.  Oh, my!  We looked around but no one seemed to be showing any consternation.  However, the alarms were LOUD and one was situated right over our heads.  I expected the staff at our gate to make some sort of announcement about the alarms but they didn’t say a thing.  After about ten minutes of it blasting away, the Commander went over to the counter and asked what was going on.  Seems there was a malfunction in the system and the airport was trying to get it fixed.  Well, we had to sit there and listen to that darn alarm with accompanying flashing light for the rest of our time in the airport.  It was a good 45 minutes at least before we finally were able to escape by boarding our plane.  The folks at our gate actually applauded when the workers announced that we were ready to board.  Everyone wanted to get away from that darn alarm.

It was like jumping from the frying pan into the fire.  We ended up in a row directly in front of two rowdy, battling toddlers.  They spent the entire flight either fighting with each other, screaming, kicking the backs of our seats, or complaining.  The entire flight the mother kept “bribing” her son to stop beating up his sister by feeding him Skittles.  I wanted to turn around in my seat and say, “Are you freaking kidding me?”

In front of me, we had another younger toddler.  This one kept leaning against the wall of the plane with some piece of fruit half out of his mouth.  The juice kept dribbling down his chin and onto the wall of the plane where it proceeded to drip down along where my leg and foot would normally rest.  I tried to avoid the growing puddle of sticky fruitiness.

When we finally arrived in Texas, I told the Commander, “When we get the rental car, DON’T turn on the radio.  I just want to have silence for a few minutes.”

Mika presents


However, when we pulled into our son’s driveway, the front door flew open and out ran little Mika.  Having her run into my arms and give me a big hug and kiss as she yelled, “Nana!” made it all worthwhile.  Mika is still enjoying opening birthday presents that have been arriving from our extended family so we were able to watch the fun in person today.

Mika presents 2


I walked in the door and immediately was pressed into “Playtime.”  Fun!  When little Luke woke up from his nap, he joined us and we had a great time.  Tonight we wound down by lighting an advent candle and singing carols around the table while little Luke danced in the kitchen.

Time to go work on finishing up a little vest that I’m knitting for the Lukester.  I will hopefully NOT dream of alarm sirens or fighting siblings tonight.


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