Skyping in Pictures

Last night our son Jason and daughter-in-law, Laura with our little grandbaby, Mika called us on Skype.  Here’s how the conversation went (kinda) in pictures.

     “Hey, Nana and PawPaw!  Is that you?”
“What are you doing in that little box?”
 “No, no….Mommy.  I want to hit the thing on the table.  Let go of my hand, Mommy.”
“Bam, Bam, Bam…..Look at me, Nana.  I’m a power typist.”

“Hey, it’s Grandpa Byrne bringing milkshakes.  Where’s mine?”

 A rare moment of stillness
“Hey, Daddy’s talking to that box and he’s not paying attention to me.  Maybe if I smile pretty, he’ll turn around.”

“Daddy!  Look over here.  It’s your little Sweet Pea!”
“Oh, no!  Daddy’s ignoring me.”

“Daddy, Daddy….pay attention to ME!”
“Hey, big guy!  Will you look over here already?”

“Hmph!  I don’t like it when my daddy isn’t giving me his undivided attention.”
“Ooh, now, that’s a little scary.  Maybe I should rethink this.”

“Guess I’ll just smile pretty for Nana and PawPaw who always have a wave and a smile for me.”
And so our conversation went on Skype until it was time to say goodbye (much too soon).  Thank God for the internet.

Project 365 – June 7 (Day 11)

 The humidity is down and so are the temperatures so steaming shirts was the order of the day.

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Hot Flashed Funk

  • I second that! Thank God for the internet.


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