The Sky is Falling!

Sightseeing with Dad

Sightseeing with Dad

Unless you are Rip Van Winkle  you’ve probably read about or seen videos of the meteors crashing to earth in Russia.  Wow!  Can you imagine just driving along the freeway, minding your own business and then suddenly seeing fireballs streaking across the sky?  Reactions have ranged from “It’s the end of the world” to “Where’s my vodka bottle?”

Thankfully life has been a little calmer here in the USA.  It did get me to thinking about things falling from the sky though.  In my family, my dad was notorious for being the target of falling objects.  It was like he had a target painted on the top of his bald head.  I remember one time that he visited me in Arizona.  He always used to wear a ball cap and this time he had something all over the top of it.

The cap had to go!

The cap had to go!

“What in the world is on your cap?” I asked him.

Mom replied, “Your dad got out of the car and a bird pooped on top of his cap.  He doesn’t want to throw it out but maybe you can talk some sense into him.”

“I’m not going anywhere with you if you wear that cap,” I informed him.  It went into the trash.

Look what fell out of the sky, Sis!

Look what fell out of the sky, Sis!

My brother is a “bat magnet.”  If there is a bat around, they’re going to find him.  I’m not particularly fond of bats but I really do enjoy seeing what kind of outfits he comes up with when he goes into “bat catching” mode.

"I'm falling, I'm falling!"

“I’m falling, I’m falling!”

I can’t say that I have inherited any family gift of attracting falling objects.  I have, however, inherited the family “grace.”  I’m REALLY good at just plain falling.  In fact, I’ve been doing it from an early age.  Notice my bandaged knees in the picture above.  This was after I tried to run down a hill and ended up falling and skidding across the road at the bottom.  Oy!  I STILL have the scars from that little escapade.

Well, let’s hope the meteors have finished falling and that the only things that continue to fall for awhile are housing prices, interest rates, and the cost of living.  Until next time, “watch your head.”





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