Sing a Song of Friday

It’s Fave Friday time again and I’m picking five things centered around the letter “S” today, hence the title of our post which was as close as I could come to the alliteration I was aiming for.  I hope you all had a great week.  It’s been an exciting week here in our sleepy little area of Pennsylvania but don’t take my word for it.  Let’s just jump right in with my Number 1 of this week’s events.

1.  Our area was “shaken” several days ago by an earthquake.    Now that might not be big news for you folks in California but it’s pretty big news for us in Pennsylvania.  Poor little Dillsburg has been really hard hit with small earthquakes since 2008.  Although quite a few scientists have come out to the area to try to figure out what is going on, no one has been able yet to give a definitive answer.    When this one occurred, I was sitting at my dining room table eating breakfast when all of a sudden I heard a very loud “boom.”  The house shook as I heard the sound.  I thought something in the area had either exploded or that there had been a car crash on one of the streets near us.  I didn’t think any more about it because I didn’t hear any sirens.  But later I heard about the earthquake on the news and it happened right when I heard that BOOM.  This video describes earlier earthquakes in the same area but it will give you an idea of what’s going on.

2.  Mika is now “sitting” up without any support.  We were able to enjoy a short video that our son posted on Facebook showing her sitting on the floor banging a spoon on a box.  Ah, remember those days when simple objects were all you needed to keep a child entertained?

3.  I finished my Tappan Zee “Sweater.”  I’m pretty pleased with how it came out.  I modified the pattern just a tad.  The pattern calls for only one diamond at the bottom of the front.  I was going to make the sweater shorter and so I knit the diamond but then changed my mind so I lengthened it and added another diamond so it wouldn’t look strange with one diamond up too high.  That Madelinetosh Vintage yarn is SOOO nice.

4.  Speaking of sweaters, I “selected” the yarn for my next sweater, a summer sweater knit sideways, which first appeared in Vogue Knitting Magazine.  I’m knitting this up in a class which begins in a week and a half.  I just love this color of green.  It always cheers me up.

5.  I’ve been enjoying Country -Western “songs” this week.  Actually, I’ve enjoyed country music since my grad school days in Colorado back in the ’70’s but I was just about the only one in my family who did.  Now I’m thrilled that my son-in-law is also a country-western fan and my daughter is now listening a lot to country music.  Even my nephew has discovered “country” after he went off to Idaho for some military training.  Since he’s moving soon to San Antonio, I’m sure he’ll continue to enjoy it out there.  Anyway, my toes can sure get to tapping when there’s a lively CW song on the radio.  And the tears can sure flow when a touching song comes on the radio.  There’s just something about Country music that can really tap into my emotions.  I’ll leave you with this song by Brad Paisley called “Waitin’ on a Woman.”  I always have to reach for the tissues when I hear it.

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Project 365 – June 4 (Day 8)

 Date night at El Sol and I forgot to take the picture until we had almost finished off the guacamole.  At least there was a little left to add some color to the picture.

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Hot Flashed Funk

  • The sweater is beautiful!

    We live in NJ and I hadn’t heard of the PA earthquake. (Too much NYC news here, I think.) That must have been quite a surprise!

    BTW, I’m baking the “jumbo cupcake” today. If it’s not a disaster, I’ll blog the results on Monday.

  • I love alliteration, so I enjoyed your post!

    My hat is off to you for knitting that beautiful sweater. You must be talented!

    I like Brad Paisley, too.

  • I love that sweater you made!

    How nice to be able to watch your granddaughter like that and share in those moments.

  • …..except I don’t knit.

  • Sue

    Hi Dee! Thanks for poppin’ over to my blog today.

    I am a huge fan of country music too. We saw Brad Paisley a year ago this winter and WHOA… what a show! I’d LOVE to be in Nashville some year for the Country MusicFest.

    Great job on your sweater. I’m a knitter too but rather slow and lazy at it these days – lol

    Have a wonderful weekend and it was a pleasure to meet you 🙂

  • What an adorable baby girl! And a gorgeous sweater! The lady in the office next to mine spends as much time knitting and crocheting as I do blogging and she has made some lovely pieces! Needles and I just don’t get along! Thanks for coming by my blog and leaving a sweet comment!

  • Your fav five is fabulous! I love the sweater. It’s so chic 🙂

  • I didn’t even hear about your earthquake this week!

    You MADE that sweater? Wow! It’s just beautiful!!

    I’m checking into FFF late this weekend (busy time), but wanted to stop by and say hi anyway.

    Happy week ahead!

  • An earthquake? In your area? How strange is that?

    Your sweater is lovely! Love sleeves and pattern around the top! And the new yarn color is one of my favorites!


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