Short and Still Sassy

Today marked an annual ritual – Fresca’s Spring trip to the groomer for her summer clip.  Right about this time of year, she fully resembles one of those Chia pets and the house becomes adrift in clumps of white fur.  I try to keep up with it all, I really do!  But no matter how often I vacuum the floors, wipe down the furniture, and brush the dog, I simply can’t keep up with the volume of Fresca’s coat.

Lately, the Commander has been dropping not-so-subtle hints that it might be time to take Fresca in to be shaved down.  So today was the day.  I was rather dreading the drive over to the groomer with her because she’s not exactly the calmest dog in the pack and usually bounces off the insides of the car on the back seat while I drive.  Plus they are still doing major construction on a big chunk of the route I was going to have to take and I knew that this would set her off even more.  She’d take it as a personal affront that heavy equipment would dare try to produce more noise than her.

We got there just fine and the groomer even finished her ahead of schedule (hmmm, maybe they just got tired of listening to her “talking” to them and figured they’d speed up the process).  Back I went and sure enough, as soon as she spotted me, the vocalization reached fever pitch.  One poor Yorkie looked like he didn’t know if he should faint or run for cover.  I paid my bill as fast as I could and Fresca dragged me out the door.

As soon as we got back home, she insisted on going out into her backyard area where she pranced about, hoping that one of the neighbor dogs would come out and take notice.  When Fresca has her short clip, she always gets a little more spring in her step (if that’s even possible) and even MORE attitude.  Heaven help us all!

In honor of Fresca’s grooming, today’s free graphic is an old valentine my Mom received years ago.  I love the little dog by the chalkboard, don’t you?

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