Second Floor, Ladies Lingerie!

Beep, Beep!

Beep, Beep!

I woke up this morning to the sound of “beep, beep” which heavy construction equipment makes when it backs up.  Yes, our neighbors’ construction crew was at it again.  Our neighbors are building a BIG addition on the back of their house.  Their house was already big but now it is going to be quite large.  This addition will include three floors -basement and two upper floors.  I will be very glad when it is finished, mainly because of the fact that the crew is storing all of their equipment AND a big dumpster on our yard.  Our neighbors have assured us that the company will re-landscape the portion of our yard that they’ve dug up but, in the meantime, it is a real mess.  Apparently, they were unable to access the neighbors’ backyard through their yard and could only get to it by going through our side yard.  Great!  So now we have a temporary drive that they’ve cut into our yard and all sorts of stuff sitting in the yard.

I included a picture of the construction activities mainly so I could show you that I can start to see grass again instead of snow.  The snow is slowly melting.

Front Yard View

Front Yard View

I am eager to see grass because then surely Spring can’t be far behind.  However, I just saw the news that another big snowstorm could be in the works for us beginning Sunday afternoon into Monday.  Really?  Better get out while the getting’s good, as Mom used to say.

Get out is exactly what I did this morning as I headed to my allergist’s office for my annual follow-up.  Horror of horrors, he wanted to stick a scope up (or is it down) my nose to see why none of the allergy sprays he has prescribed are working.  I politely turned him down.  After all, I told him, I’m not ever going to agree to have sinus surgery so what difference will it make?  Seems to me, I’d be better served if scientists would put their efforts into developing a nasal spray you could use daily that would NOT have that rebound effect but would clear you up like the current decongestant sprays.  I treat myself to those sprays once a month when I’m really desperate to get at least one night of clear breathing.  My doctor had no comment. He DID, however, prescribe another brand of allergy sprays for me to try.  Maybe the tenth time will be the charm.

I got into the elevator to leave the building and a lady jumped in as the doors were closing.

“Is ‘G’ where the outdoors is?” she asked me.

“Yes, that would be the ground floor,” I told her.

The elevator started slowly heading downward.  It stopped at the second floor and the lady started to exit.

“This is the second floor.  You need to wait,” I said.

A man and his daughter entered and the elevator started down again.  It stopped at the first floor.  All three started to exit.

“This is the first floor,” I reminded them.  “If you want the ground floor, you need to wait.”

They all hopped back into the elevator.

“This lady is having to keep us straight,” laughed the woman to the man.

“Yep, I’m giving you the grand tour,” I laughed.

We headed down yet again and finally reached the ground floor.

“Ground floor,” I joked.  “Everybody out.”

I was quite tempted to continue with “Next stop – Ladies lingerie and housewares.”

Fields of Wheat Cowl

Fields of Wheat Cowl

And now it is back to work on more knitting, bake something for the weekend’s scrapbooking retreat, and to pack for that event.  Speaking of knitting, my latest completed project is the Fields of Wheat Cowl designed by Varant Ekmekjian.  You can find it on Ravelry here.

It was a lot of fun to knit up, easy to do, and I used Malabrigo Rios.  I made several modifications to the pattern.  I cast on an additional twelve stitches to make it just a bit wider and then did an additional pattern repeat for a total of five repeats.



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